The best user-created ships in Resogun

Stahp! You're getting Nyan Cat in my Resogun!


So here are my personal picks of the thousands of voxel-tastic ships that are available already. Yes, there were a heck of a lot of penises, but most of them are gone now. And the best ships are VERY good. To find 'em and get your favourite into your copy of the game, search by the name in the header under each image in the following gallery. Simple.


Star Wars' iconic combat-ready space ship crops up several times in the list, but this one looks about right to me.

Planet Express

Futurama's green space ship looks almost too good in voxel form (*narrows eyes*).


Oh ho ho! Is called 'Nobody' because it has no body! Oh ho ho!


Transformers: Robots in disgame.


Just some bloke. Some well-modelled, highly expressive bloke. Which is British for 'guy', if you're wondering.


Of course, whoever made this version of The Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. neglected to write it as an acronym. Y'know, for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Now you know! OK, you already knew.

Metal gear Rex

That's not my typo, that's the name if you want to search for it. Metal Gear Rex looks too cute in voxel form.

Flappy Bird

Ah, good old Falppy Bird, falpping his way into Resogun before you can say 'sick of this rip-off piece of...'

Walter White

Everyone in the office made highly approving noises when this guy appeared on the screen. I believe he's from Breaking Bad, but that might just be a ruse to make me look a fool for not knowing he's actually from My Little Pony.

Justin Towell

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