The best Sky TV deals, packages, and offers (November 2018)

With Game of Thrones season 8 and The Walking Dead season 9 not far off, you’re going to need the best Sky TV deals, packages, and special offers to make sure you’re not only getting the best value for money, but a bargain that would make even a White Walker melt with envy.

It should go without saying that Sky’s selection of sports, TV, and movies can be a little bewildering. Thankfully, we’ve made things nice and simple; scrolling down the page will give you access to the best Sky TV deals about, as well as the larger bundles and optional add-ons, should you want to add a little more sparkle to your Sky package.

What new Sky TV customers need to know

Remember the days of Sky offering several packages and you needing a degree in marketing just to figure out what’s the best Sky TV deal for you? That’s no longer the case. In fact, it’s never been easier. The standard package comes in at a flat fee of £20 a month. From there, you can add on the likes of Sky Sports, Sky Box Sets and Sky Cinema. Don’t know which one to plump for? Don’t worry! We’ve gone through all of the specific add-ons below, so you know exactly what to do when they get offered to you on the Sky checkout page.

Are there any Sky Q deals for new customers?

Sky Q, the device needed to watch Sky TV across multiple rooms and devices, as included in all the deals on this page for new customers. So, should you want to catch up on your Game of Thrones in one room while the kids watch Sky Sports in the other – you can! From the offers below, there are two Sky Q deals to choose from.

The default option is the 1TB Sky Q box, which includes a £20 setup fee. Should you want to go for the 2TB Sky Q box, you’ll be met with an eye-watering £199 setup fee. It’s only a one-off cost, and doesn’t affect the monthly price, but there is away around it should you want double the storage.

If you add Sky Q Multiscreen to your bundle (an extra £12 a month), you can get the 2TB Sky Q for a reduced setup cost of £65 which, is a saving of £134. Not too shabby.

Do I need a 2TB Sky Q box?

Not only does a 2TB Sky Q box come with double the storage of the standard version – that’s 1000 hours of standard def TV all ready and waiting to be stored – there are a few extra cherries on top of the cake for you to consider. With so many shows that need bingeing, you’re bound to want to record several at the same with. With the 2TB box you can record six shows at once instead of only three. It also comes with a Sky Q Touch remote and, as long as you have Sky Multiscreen at an extra £12 a month, you get access to certain channels in Ultra HD. Pairing that off with one of the best 4K TVs for gaming wouldn’t be the worst decision in the world.

The Starter Sky Package

Sky Entertainment | £20 setup fee | £20 a month

No longer will you have to wrestle with multiple Sky TV tiers. As a new customer, you’ll be given the Sky Entertainment package as a starter for your Sky TV deal, coming in at only £20 a month. The link below will take you through to the channel add-on page. From there, you can add on packs for just £5 a month. It’s cheaper than the old method, which often left you paying for channels you didn’t want, and it’s easier too. If you need help dissecting all of the channel add-ons we’ve gone into detail on them below, so be sure to check that out before you make your decision.

As for the starter Sky Entertainment pack itself, it includes a wide range of dramas, documentaries, comedies, music, and even Sky Originals. Its top channels range from Sky One, Sky Atlantic (a must for Game of Thrones fans!), Nat Geo, and more.View Deal

Sky TV add-ons

Since Sky re-jigged its packages, it’s now far easier than ever to understand what you’re getting and, as a bonus, all at a cheaper price to boot. Whether you’re a new customer building your perfect bundle, or an existing customer wanting to bulk up their current package, everything is laid out before you below.

Sky TV Box Sets | £5 a month

For the TV connoisseur – or those who just like a good binge in their free time. There’s over 350 TV box sets on offer here for a paltry £5 a month. When compared to Netflix or, god forbid, a physical box set, you’re saving a considerable amount every month with this package. From current hits such as Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale to some of the finest TV shows to ever hit the small screen in Mad Men, The Wire and True Detective season 1 – it’s all here for your viewing pleasure.View Deal

Sky Cinema | £10 a month

Boasting a new movie premiere every day and over 1000 movies included, the Sky Cinema add-on is essential for popcorn-lovers everywhere. Fancy watching the likes of Star Wars: Rogue One and Captain America: Civil War from the comfort of your own home? Knock yourself out. The Sky Cinema library is also stocked with films that aren’t (yet) on Netflix and Amazon Prime and, even better, come with a free HD upgrade.View Deal

Sky TV in HD | £5 a month

A must-have for any Sky customer with a HD or 4K telly, the Sky TV in HD package gives customers a chance to kick back, relax, and watch their favourite shows with over five times the detail when compared to standard definition. However, Sports channels in HD will set you back an extra £6 a month, should you want them.View Deal

Sky Kids | £5 a month

One to keep the kids happy. Sky Kids will give you access to 11 channels, from the superhero-filled Disney XD to the classic entertainment of Nickelodeon for only £5 a month. That’s peanuts, really, for good old-fashioned peace and quiet. Not only that, you also get 4500 episodes for the little ones (and yourself, should you so please) to watch on demand.View Deal

Sky Sports Complete Pack | £18 per month (18-month contract)

If you’re looking for only one Sky Sports channel (say, Sky Sports Premier League ahead of the 18/19 season beginning in August) then you can get that for £18 a month on a rolling contract, with no time commitment. For the big daddy of sports packages, you’re going to want the Sky Sports Complete Pack: Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action and *deep breath* Sky Sports Arena can all be yours. If you want it all in HD, that’s an additional £6 a month.View Deal

Sky Sports Complete Pack | £27.50 a month (no contract), or one channel for £18 or two for £22 per month

If you’re a fairweather sports fan, or just, for example, want to catch some of the F1 season before shutting off all things sports for a while, you can with Sky Sports Complete Pack’s rolling contracts. These 30-day contracts, while more expensive, rid yourself of the obligation of paying for an extended duration.

You can also choose one of the nine channels listed in the box above for £18 a month; two channels for £22 and the whole lot for £27.50 a month. You’ll have to give 31 days’ notice should you want to cancel, but it’s the best option should you want a test run for the real thing, or only fancy checking out a handful of sports.View Deal

Sky Q Multiscreen | £20 for first extra TV, £99 per additional TV | £12 a month

If you want Sky around the house, you’re going to want to cough up for Sky Q Multiscreen. While the £12 a month plus one-off £20 fee for an extra TV isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things, every additional TV will cost £99, thanks to you needing another Sky Q Mini box. After those setup fees are out of the way, though, you’re free to enjoy Sky Q Multiscreen for £12 a month. Perfect for when you’re desperate to see how Rick leaves in The Walking Dead season 9 but the other half is watching a Sky Box set in the other room.View Deal

Sky Fibre Broadband | 18 months | £9.95-£59.95 one-off setup fee | £20-£35 a month

Sky don’t just do TV, you know. Sky Broadband is available to add to your package from as little as £20 a month, depending on what’s available in your area. Use the site’s postcode checker to find out more.

£20 a month will get you 12 months of unlimited broadband instead of the usual price of £30 a month. While the speed is only topped at 17Mbps, that’s plenty to have you streaming the biggest and best TV shows in HD, as well as allowing you to game online to your heart’s content.

The next tier sees the packages making the step up to fibre broadband for only £30 a month. If you were worried unlimited broadband wouldn’t be enough, this might just be the package for you: 38Mbps is perfect for all of your Sky entertainment needs.

The top package will set you back £35 a month. It boasts a whopping 76Mbps connection, which would be ideal in a technology-heavy household. Plus, for those who want to download the latest 4K movies, as well as get the leg-up on those pesky day-one gaming patches may be best served by looking at this option.View Deal

Can I order Sky deals over the phone?

If you prefer the personal touch, and to ensure everything runs smoothly, you can phone 0800 014 2334, where a member of the Sky team will be happy to talk you through everything step-by-step. Before you do so, it’s always a good idea to check through the sections above so you know exactly what you want; it’ll make the whole process a lot quicker, trust us. That way, you won’t need to worry about any pushy sales stuff – you’ll know exactly what you want.

What Sky TV package will Game of Thrones season 8 be on?

The hottest ticket of 2019 will undoubtedly be the final season of Game of Thrones. To make sure you have a front-row seat you’ll just need the basic Sky Entertainment package.

What HD channels do I get on Sky?

What HD channels do I get on Sky?

All packages come with the following HD channels, which are also present on most Freeview boxes.

·        BBC One HD

·        BBC Two HD

·        BBC Four HD

·        BBC News HD

·        CBBC HD

·        CBeebies HD

·        ITV HD

·        4 HD

·        5 HD

·        NHK World HD

·        RT HD


An extra £5 a month will grant you access to an extended library of HD channels. Deep breath now, there’s a lot of them…

·        Sky Atlantic HD

·        Sky 1 HD

·        Sky Living HD

·        Sky Arts HD

·        Sky News HD

·        Sky Sports News HD

·        Fox HD

·        Comedy Central HD

·        Syfy HD

·        Dave HD

·        Food HD

·        MTV HD

·        ITV Encore

·        E HD

·        W HD

·        E4 HD

·        Film 4 HD

·        More 4 HD

·        ITV 2 HD

·        ITV 3 HD

·        ITV 4 HD

·        TCM HD

·        Animal Planet HD

·        History Channel HD

·        National Geographic HD

·        Nat Geo Wild HD

·        Discovery HD

·        Disney Channel HD

·        Disney Junior HD

·        Disney XD HD

·        Cartoon Network HD

·        Nickelodeon HD

·        Nick Jr. HD

·        Boomerang HD

·        Alibi HD

·        Crime and Investigation HD

·        Eden HD

·        Lifetime HD

·        Star Plus HD

·        TLC HD

·        Universal HD

·        Viceland HD

·        Sky Sports Mix HD

·        Eurosport 1 HD

·        Eurosport 2 HD