Best Lego Star Wars shots ever

Thursday 7 September 2006
It might be out tomorrow, but we just had to bring you these images of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, because they might just be some of the best screenshots we've ever seen. First up we've got Leia in that golden bikini, trapped in Jabba the Hut's cavernous palace. It's weird, but we like it.

Hit the images tab to see more great pics, featuring everyone's favourite furry slingshot-packing Ewok, Wicket; Darth Vader coming between the Emperor and his son, Luke; the Millennium Falcon hitching a lift on a star cruiser; and some tree-dodging speederbike action. Like we said, Lego Star Wars II is out tomorrow, so don't miss out.

Above: Recreated in Lego, Leia's gold bikini moment suddenly seems quite disturbing...