Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero guide and best Hero Star Card builds

Clearly everyone wants to play as a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero, despite having to put in the ground work first as a regular trooper. Whether you're saving up enough Battle Points so you can slip into their heroic boots in Galactic Assault, jumping straight in as a main character in Hero Hunt, or just rattling through a session in Arcade, you'll want to ensure you're getting the most out of your time with your chosen Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This mean selecting the best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Star Card builds for each of them, to boost their unique abilities further and give you that edge in multiplayer. Read on for a selection of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero strategies based on our top Star Card builds for each character.

Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Star Card Builds

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If you want to clear your way through crowds with Anakin Skywalker then equip Control The Force, as this increases the blast radius for your Heroic Might and lets you deal with groups more easily. Adding in Tenacious will provide you with additional health to remain in the fight for longer, and Attraction increases the range of Pull Dominance so you can grab enemies from further away.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Star Card Builds

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BB8 is small and cute, so it's hard to resist using the droid even though it doesn't have the greatest set of cards available. You can redress the balance somewhat with Self Repairs, which will increase your maximum health regeneration once you've been in some scrapes. Adding in Uncover means that enemies revealed by Resistance Backing will receive more damage, and Spared Batteries increases the damage dealt by the Shock Prod for every streak of three enemies defeated which can stack up.

Boba Fett

The thing about Boba Fett is that he's extremely mobile and can be tough to take out if used properly. So the first card you should pick is Blaster Disabler, which knocks out the weapons of anyone hit by his Concussion Rocket. That means you're impossible to shoot down while flying. Next up, take Intense Barrage to increase the potency of your barrage. And, given how it's tough for normal troopers to take you out, why not double-down on defense with Anti-Hero Rockets, which will give you an edge against lightsaber-wielding enemies.


Gotta love Bossk. Sure, he's in the movies for about five seconds - but in Battlefront 2 he's an excellent way to spend your Battle Points. You should aim to play around his Predator Instincts ability, so the first card to take is Ultimate Predator. This extends the power's use after every enemy killed. Complement that with Predator Resilience to stay alive longer during Instincts, and Unrelenting Predator, which makes your other abilities charge faster while using the power. You'll be unstoppable, especially if you employ Trip Mines to cover your back while you hunt.

Captain Phasma

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Star Card Builds

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She's already an absolute badass due to her blaster rifle and its night vision scope, but you can increase this threat further with the right choices. Start off with Easy Shots, which reduces your blaster heat for every enemy defeated with it, and makes it a great boost for dealing with a steady stream of opponents heading to an objective. Safety First provides a health boost while using Survivor, and Come Closer rounds things off by increasing the shock radius of the sentry droid if you defeat three enemies while its active.


Chewie isn't much for bonus powers, but his Bowcaster is one of the best weapons across all the Heroes and can smash through waves of enemies. Furious Bowcaster - an enhanced version - is the top pick of his abilities, so use Echoing Roar to extend its use-time after every kill. Keep yourself alive during Furious Bowcaster (which makes you move slower) with Furious Resilience. Top off the build with the simple Bonus Health card.

Darth Vader

Everyone wants to be Vader, and he's a genuine Dark Side menace in this game. While not as fast as Kylo Ren or Darth Maul, he can withstand much more punishment and dish out huge damage. We suggest making him harder to kill with Bonus Health, then doubling down on his Choked ability. Punishing Grip makes it harder to break from Choked, so you're going to do damage in regular and Hero Hunt modes with that. And Last Gasp lets you take out groups of enemies more effectively (it grants bonus damage for two or more victims).

Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine is one of the weaker Dark Side heroes, but you can turn him into a crowd-killer with a few choice Star Card picks. Go for Lightning Absorption, which leeches enemy health during Chain Lightning; that'll keep you alive longer. Next, pick Prime Electrocution, making Electrocute shock enemies for longer, and Lightning Reach, which gives you more range on all your Lightning attacks. That should give you a decent enough set-up to deal massive damage against groups of troops.

Han Solo

Aside from his great one-liners, Han is known for having a heavy blaster that does serious damage per shot. Take advantage of this potent firepower by equipping Heavily Modified Blaster, which reduces heat build-up, meaning you have to reload far less often. Next up, boost his Sharpshooter ability by adding Sharpshooter's Calm (use Sharpshooter shots more) and Sharpshooting Frenzy (which means every SS kill actually reduces the ability's cooldown so you can use it again sooner). Basically, this build will mean you rarely have to stop shooting. Except maybe to quip.

Iden Versio

The hero of the story mode, Versio doesn't actually have specific powers, so all her abilities revolve around weapons and gadgets. It does make her one of the weaker Dark Side characters, but she's still super effective against troops. Take Cooled Blaster to reduce the heat buildup in her TL-50 blaster (fewer reloads), and boost that weapon further with Alternative Methods (which allows you to use secondary fire more often). Given her lack of superstar powers, top it all off by equipping Pulse Cannon Mastery so she can reveal enemies on the map with every hit.

Kylo Ren

As the main antagonist of the new movies, Kylo Ren has been given some decent powers in Battlefront 2, and he's a popular choice among players. His freeze power is particularly effective, especially when combined with frenzy and some of his quicker attacks. As such, Solid Freeze - which grants a bigger area of effect - and Total Control (which grants longer freeze on three or more enemies) are must-haves. And if you're going to freeze large groups, Bloodlust will allow you to strike your victims more times using Frenzy, which makes for a frighteningly powerful combination.

Lando Calrissian

You'll want to love Lando. But in reality, he's a weak character - with the exception of his Sharp Shot ability, which can be used to take out multiple enemies with a single button tap. Maximized Efficiency will reduce the cooldown of the ability if you manage to hit three targets in one burst. Very handy. Wide Eyed will help you do that by increasing the distance on Sharp Shot. And if you take Hot and Cold, Lando will be able to boost his health to stay alive longer.

Leia Organa

Of all the Hero characters, Leia is the only one who specializes in defense over attack, so she's very handy in certain scenarios. Just maybe don't take her into Hero Hunt, yeah? High Spirit means she'll over-regenerate health, making her tough to take out. Aside from that, pick Relentless Firing and Rebel Heart to let her use the E-11 blaster longer and take less damage while doing so.

Luke Skywalker

Everyone wants to be Luke. Everyone. He's probably not as powerful as Yoda or as quick as Rey, but Luke can soak up regular blaster fire all day long and cause damage to other Heroes too. Jedi Fighter means his melee attacks and blocks drain less stamina, so combine that with Deflection Mastery (which means blocked shots are more accurate, but drain more stamina) for a powerful lightsaber build. Finally, add Stronger Push to knock enemies back (and off edges). It's a surprisingly effective method of scoring kills, especially in Hero Hunt.

Darth Maul

One of the quickest Sith in the game, Maul is actually quite tough to control, as his strikes cause him to dash all over the map, leaving him painfully exposed. Better to take something like Lightsaber Defense, which means he takes less damage from blasters. Frantic Strikes is a must, making melee attacks cost less stamina. Finally, boost his Choke Hold ability with Forceful Thrust. Not because it sounds dirty, but because your Choke Hold will throw enemies further and put them at striking range.


Rey is actually best used as a support character, because her attacks are more geared towards enabling others to kill. Street Fighter will allow her melee strikes to drain less stamina (handy for lightsaber combat). Combine that with Opportunist and she'll deal more damage, for longer, against enemies immobilized by Mind Trick. Finally, take Strong Mind, which increases the area-of-effect on Mind Trick and completes the set of Star Cards nicely.


Ok, Yoda is the Oddjob of Star Wars Battlefront 2. He's small, tough to take out, and can deal massive damage. He can heal himself too, which means he's very, very tough to stop. This build will make him near-invincible. Taking Jedi Mentor will mean Yoda receives less damage generally. Next, Enduring Presence heals Yoda and his allies for longer when used. Finally, Feel the Force will overcharge his health when Presence is used, giving him even more life. It's almost like cheating.

Andy Hartup