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The best Destiny merchandise that proves real life loot can be Legendary

You’ve allied with a faction, found all of Cayde-6’s loot and snared yourself some beautiful Exotics but you still can’t get enough. Destiny 2 well and truly has its space claws in you. While you unfortunately still need to live on real Earth as well as the EDZ there’s plenty of Destiny 2 merchandise out there to ease the pain of not constantly holding your MIDA. From T-shirts to plush Ghosts, there’s chestfuls of real life loot to make your day to day a little more like something Hawthorne would approve of. Happy shopping, Guardian.

Destiny 2 Guardian Bathrobe 

As satisfying as an intense, eight-hour Destiny binge can be (you can tackle the Raid AND Nightfall in that time), all that sitting around and sweating can leave you rather pungent. Been eating snacks too? Have some of them pooled on your lap? Go have a shower, for god’s sake! And once you’re done, why not slip into one of these delightful Destiny bathrobes. There are two designs, one with Guardian symbols and the other with the Raid motif on there. Mmm… you can almost feel the super-soft fleece caressing your (clean) face as you pick up the pad and head to the tower to decrypt all those hard-won Engrams.

Buy it UK: £29.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $44.99 from Amazon US

Destiny 2 Funko Pops

Of course you can get Funko Pop versions of Cayde-6, Ikora, Lord Shaxx, Zavala, and Oryx and of course they’re ridiculously adorable. D’awwww, wook at the wittle Taken King! Sure you already have a full set of them for another franchise but this is Destiny we’re talking about so you’re just going to have to find space in that glass cabinet (Vault of Glass?). Whether you take them out of the box is entirely up to you but you don’t want Cayde-6 to go all Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2 if he’s cooped up in there too long. There’s not even a chicken for company.

Buy it UK: £9.99 from Pop In A Box
Buy it US:
$13.95 from Pop In A Box

Destiny 2 Razer Peripherals 

If you’ve been one of the patient ones who has managed to resist playing on consoles, congratulations, you definitely deserve Razer’s range of Destiny 2 PC accessories. Razer’s slick Deathadder Elite gaming mouse has had a Guardian-influenced paintjob, while the already lovely Ornata Mecha Membrane gaming keyboard with wrist rest now has a lovely Destination Map design. And don’t worry if you haven’t got a PC, the Razer Man O’War Tournament Headset works with PS4 and Xbox One, and comes with the slick Destiny 2 logo on each earcup as well as 7.1 virtual surround sound and thumping 50mm drivers. What better way to to hear that thrum of Graviton Lance? Throw in the mouse mat and the whole kit is fit for a Guardian who has done their waiting. 

Buy it UK: From £79.99 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: From $79.99 on Amazon US

Ghost Plush 

Until the Traveller arrives and grants us our own Ghosts for realsies, you’ll need to improvise a little to achieve that ‘Guardian 24/7’ look. These plush Ghosts will help you do just that. They’re actually larger than you might think, and are meant to be to-scale, so you can easily use them to knock up a decent Cosplay outfit, or just have one to snuggle up with at night when you’re dreaming about loot chests and Exotic drops. They’re also the perfect gateway into Destiny for (pushy) parents who are determined that their little spark of light will someday create a Guardian (and an Alt) of their own.

Buy it US/UK: $29.99/£22.35 from Bungie Store 

Destiny 2 Scented Candles with Ghost Candle holder 

Mmmm, what could be better than the soothing scent of Worm Spore to calm the stresses of the Nightfall on Prestige difficulty? No? What about the green cactus scent of Mars Relic Iron? No wonder the Cabal spend so much time just wandering around Mars if this is what it smells like. These official Destiny Scented Candles, complete with Ghost candle holder for peak Guardian-osity, will make your house smell just that little bit more like Cayde-6 and co. Just don’t go lighting the Helium Filaments and start ranting about seeing some kind of space wizard... 

Buy it UK: £39.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $56.99 from Amazon US

Destiny 2 Christmas Baubles

What could be more festive than a bit of Destiny? Ok, admittedly, most things are more Christmas-y than high powered Exotic weaponry, Ghosts, and Zvahla’s dead-pan, blue-faced gaze. But for the Destiny fan who wants to embrace the festive season there are these delightful Christmas baubles, made from tin and featuring some classy iconography from the game. You get six balls in each box, and designs feature class symbols, Ghosts, and… oh god is that the terrifying skull from the ‘Darkness consumes you’ screen? Bloody hell. Oh well, it’s guaranteed to scare any toddler into being a good boy or girl for at least the whole of December.

Buy it UK: £14.99 from GAME

Destiny: The Official Colouring Book 

Sick of not finding just the right shaders for your Hunter or Titan? Well you can change all that with colouring pens. Yep, it’s time to go analogue and pick up this official colouring book full of Guardians just waiting to suffer for your creativity. Pink ghosts? Sure. Zebra striped Cayde-6? Why not? Maybe you can even cheer Banshee-44 up with some leopard print? If anyone can do it, you can Guardian. Maybe start with the Light colours… 

Buy it UK: £14.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $10.99 from Amazon US

Sweeper Bot T-Shirt 

Oh, Sweeper Bot, we love you. Eternally polishing the tower, even as the concrete tumbles around it, the Sweeper Bot is the true hero of Destiny with its tireless approach to cleanliness. You too can celebrate its constant quest for a dust free world with this official Bungie unisex tee that comes in the appealing colour of ‘rust.’ Plus, no one will know you’re wearing a Destiny shirt unless they glimpse the tiny logo on the back. Stealthy nerdery for the win.

Buy it US/UK: $24.99/£18.68 from Bungie Store

Lord Saladin and Iron Wolves Figure Set 

If you’re missing Lord Saladin and his ultra-cuddly wolves, fret not, you can have them in your room 24 hours a day. A ThinkGeek exclusive, this officially licensed figure comes complete with detailed Iron Banner accents and is a dinky 4” tall. The last of the Iron Lords also comes with two somewhat furious looking wolves. Are you up to the challenge of dusting them regularly? 

Buy it US/UK: $19.99/£14.95 from ThinkGeek

Destiny 2 Traveller Stress Ball

The Traveller doesn’t just make Guardians feel better by returning their Light after Gary stole it, y’know. It can help you too. Bad day at the office? Squeeze the official Destiny 2 Traveller Stress Ball and your inner peace and light will gradually return to you. Alternatively, squish it in fury as you load up the Nightfall for the tenth time, only to beat it with 4 minutes and 59 minutes to go and missing out on the Rat King Exotic sidearm yet again. Just remember to breathe, eh?

Buy it UK: £7.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $22.99 from Amazon US

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