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The best Destiny merchandise that proves real life loot can be Legendary

best Destiny merchandise
(Image credit: Bungie, McFarlane Toys, Funko)

If you've braved a journey back to the Hellmouth for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep but still can't get enough of Bungie's shooter, the best Destiny merchandise should do the trick. There are Gold Chestfuls of real-life loot out there that celebrate everything from the Traveler to the Tower's own Sweeper Bot. And we're not just talking toys and giftware, either; there are also comics and lavish books that expand on the game's backstory, adding fascinating layers to its sci-fi world. You can even pick up scented candles that'll let you know what Venus or the Moon smell like, because obviously.

More loot

(Image credit: Numskull, McFarlane Toys, The Coop)

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Regardless of whether you want a meaningful gift or quirky stocking filler, there's plenty for you to choose from (seriously, you can get themed Cayde-6 oven mitts and Traveler stress balls). To save you time, we've rounded up the best Destiny merchandise that even the ever-grumpy Zavala would approve of. Well, probably. Our team of bargain hunters have also done their level best to get you a deal, so hopefully you'll be able to save some cash along the way.

Eyes up and happy shopping, Guardian.

Once you're done, don't miss our tips and guides on how to conquer Shadowkeep. For instance, you can find out how to get Ethereal Charms here or learn about the upcoming Destiny 2: Shadowkeep raid in our handy roundup.

Best Destiny merchandise

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(Image credit: The Coop)

1. Destiny Ghost Vinyl - Generalist Shell

The best all-round Destiny keepsake

In-game code
Doesn't 'do' anything

Sometimes the simple things are best. This vinyl Destiny Ghost is pretty much exactly as your robot helper appears in the game, although it doesn't unlock ancient Hive doors or feature the dulcet tones of Nolan North (or Peter Dinklage, for that matter). To make up for that lack of lockpicking skill, this figure also includes a special in-game item code. It'll look rad on your desk or shelf, too.

Better yet, there are a load of different designs available if you want something a little more adventurous. You can choose from the Hunter, Cayde-6, Kill Tracker, Lambda, Last City, or Moon of Saturn shells.

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(Image credit: Funko)
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(Image credit: Funko)

2. Cayde-6 Funko Pop

The best Destiny Funko

Sassy pose
That massive noggin
No chicken/ramen

Of course you can get Funko Pop versions of everyone from Zavala and Oryx to Xur, and of course they’re ridiculously adorable (d’awwww, wook at the wittle Taken King!). However, our favorite may just be this miniature, big-headed version of Cayde-6. That sassy stance captures his character perfectly. Rest in peace, sweet prince. *sniffs*

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(Image credit: Bungie, Blizzard)
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(Image credit: Blizzard)

3. Destiny Grimoire Anthology (Volume I)

The best Destiny merchandise for lore-fans

Gorgeous faux-leather cover
Easier to read than Grimoire cards
Unseen artwork
Not enough new art

If you're a fan of Destiny's backstory, this new anthology series (bound with luxurious faux leather and featuring unseen art) is a must-have purchase. It gathers intriguing lore from the earliest days of the universe to the modern, Guardian-filled present, and that includes each Book of Sorrow - the Hive race's tragic origin. Because we're returning to the space-zombie strongholds with Shadowkeep, it's worth revisiting their beginnings for greater insight on what makes them tick.

If you enjoy this one, there's also a second volume ('Fallen Kingdoms') coming soon.

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(Image credit: McFarlane Toys)
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(Image credit: McFarlane Toys)

4. Lord Shaxx McFarlane Toys 10" Deluxe Action Figure

The best Destiny action figure

So, so detailed
Excellent paint-job
Captures the character perfectly
Not many poses

Lord Shaxx is the face (figuratively speaking) of Destiny 2's multiplayer Crucible mode, and this McFarlane figure effortlessly brings him to life - judgy hands-on-hips pose and all. Seriously, I can't get over how detailed and screen-accurate this toy is. You'd almost expect him to start yelling motivational quips at you, just like he does in the game. At $30 or so, it's also a steal.

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(Image credit: Razer)
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(Image credit: Razer)
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(Image credit: Razer)

5. Destiny Razer peripherals

The best Destiny accessories

Subtle Destiny theme
It's all genuinely excellent
Headset compatible with consoles

If you’ve been one of the patient ones who's managed to resist playing on consoles, congratulations, you definitely deserve Razer’s range of Destiny 2 PC accessories. Razer’s slick Deathadder Elite gaming mouse (arguably the best gaming mouse out there) has had a Guardian-influenced paintjob, while the already lovely Ornata Mecha Membrane gaming keyboard with wrist rest now has a lovely Destination Map design. And don’t worry if you haven’t got a PC, the Razer Man O’War Tournament Headset works with PS4 and Xbox One, and comes with the slick Destiny 2 logo on each earcup as well as 7.1 virtual surround sound and thumping 50mm drivers. What better way to to hear the thrum of a Graviton Lance? Throw in the mouse mat and the whole kit is fit for a Guardian who has wants some rad real-life loot.

Buy it US: Amazon US
Buy it UK: Amazon UK 

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(Image credit: Bungie)
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(Image credit: Bungie)

6. Destiny: The Official Colouring Book

The best Destiny merchandise for artistic types

Coloring, but Destiny
Seriously, who doesn't love coloring?
Downside? There IS no downside

Sick of not finding just the right shaders for your Hunter or Titan? Well you can change all that with colouring pens. Yep, it’s time to go analogue and pick up this official colouring book full of Guardians just waiting to suffer for your creativity. Pink ghosts? Sure. Zebra striped Cayde-6? Why not? Maybe you can even cheer Banshee-44 up with some leopard print? If anyone can do it, you can Guardian. Maybe start with the Light colours…

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(Image credit: Mega Bloks)
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(Image credit: Mega Bloks)

7. Mega Bloks Destiny Arcadia Jumpship

The best Destiny Mega Bloks set

Easily fits on your desk or a shelf
Adorably blocky
Teeny Warlock
A bit fiddly

It seems like a lifetime ago that we found our first jumpship - banged up though it was - and took off for the Tower. This cute set celebrates that iconic spacecraft in blocky form, and you'll even get a tiny Warlock and Ghost combo to go with it. Ah, the memories...

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(Image credit: Bungie)
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(Image credit: Bungie)

8. The Art of Destiny

The best Destiny art book

Fascinating insights
Beautiful artwork
Still pricey

The story behind Destiny is potentially more fascinating than the one we got on screen; the game went through many forms before settling on what we have today. This art-filled tome covers the project's inception and evolution from fantasy to sci-fi, and it's a truly interesting read. Plus, that concept art is gorgeous.

Once you're done with this book, don't miss its Destiny 2-themed follow-up, The Art of Destiny: Volume 2. It's a little shorter, but still packed with awesome, illuminating work.