Ben Stiller to star in Rentaghost movie

The film version of the classic BBC kids’ comedy Rentaghost has undergone a few spooky changes.

First of all, Russell Brand has suddenly turned into Ben Stiller, with the Zoolander star ousting the Arthur actor thanks to a change of studio for the project.

Moving from Warner Bros to 20th Century Fox also means Night At The Museum writers Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant take over scripting duties.

The film appears to be based on the first series of the show, with Stiller playing the newly-deceased ghost Fred Mumford - the latest addition to an afterlife service which rents out ghosts to the living.

Anyone else having to pinch themselves that this Hollywood version of the ’70s children’s sitcom is moving ahead? Or did you just look up from your tablet PC and down the stairs, asking: “Dad, what's Rentaghost ?”