Bayonetta 3 trailer shows new enemies and a changed protagonist

Bayonetta 3
(Image credit: PlatinumGames)

A brand new Bayonetta 3 trailer just dropped at the Nintendo Direct presentation.

PlatinumGames' new offering had a new trailer present at the Nintendo Direct earlier today on September 13. The new Bayonetta 3 trailer showed everything we've come to expect from the threequel so far: Bayonetta taking out man-made bioweapons all in incredibly stylish action, on top of Bayonetta's changed attitude to fight for humanity instead of herself.

However, if it's more Bayonetta 3 action you're after, you'll want to head over to Nintendo's YouTube channel. The trailer we glimpsed during the Direct was brief, but it turns out there's a deep dive trailer out very soon, showing off Bayonetta's various new combat abilities and other info.

There's not long till Bayonetta 3 arrives, as it'll be launching for the Nintendo Switch, as the sequel will finally be here next month on October 28. Given we've been waiting nearly five years now for Bayonetta's third outing, the prospect of finally playing it next month is sure to fill fans with joy.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Bayonetta 3 actually has a nudity filter for the first time in the series. The "Naïve Angel Mode," as its appropriately called, was specifically designed by PlatinumGames to reduce awkward moments if you just happen to be playing Bayonetta 3 in your living room with the family round.

As such, this option completely filters out Bayonetta 3's nudity, which fans of the series will know features pretty heavily throughout the two games so far. Another option for the mode would simply be the "no-ass mode," but that's not quite as catchy or creative, to put it plainly.

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