Battlestar Galactica Online is giving away a frakking 7' tall Cylon

How would you like a 7' tall replica of a Battlestar Galactica Cylon to put in your living room room? Good news: you can! All you need to do is buy one for $7999.00 from this collectible website! Wait, you want to get one without spending that money? Ah, well, that's actually a bit easier. Battlestar Galactica Online is holding a contest in the month of December, and the winner will go home with said statue. Best of all, it costs absolutely nothing to enter!

All you need to do is log into Battlestar Galactica Online five times during the month of December and you'll be automatically entered to win. Considering the fact that the game is both free-to-play and browser-based, this actually shouldn't be that hard for anyone with an internet connection, even if they're not ready to spend money on a game (or a statue). There are, of course, several more pages of rules to check out, but for those we'll direct you to the publisher's forum.

Woah, we just thought of something: what if you won both this thing, and the Deus Ex arm we're giving away? Would you rip off the arm of the Cylon and replace it with the prototype Adam Jensen arm? Because we totally would. Then we'd put a Master Chief helmet on him and it would be the coolest statue to ever exist. Take that, Venus de Milo!

Hollander Cooper

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