Battlefield Hardline warrants and case files collectibles guide

Episode 8: Sovereign Land 

Warrant: Jim Preston

After you escape and enter the compound, you should find several enemies next to a two storey shack with a weapons crate inside - scan them to identify the warrant suspect.

Evidence F2: ATF Agent's Badge

Once you've arrested Jim Preston, search his body for this evidence.

Evidence F4: Torture Room

Climb the ladder to the first floor room in this area, and scan the first room you enter.

Evidence F5: Cell Phone

Now turn around and check the side table in the back room for the next evidence.

Evidence B5: Hot Shot Lab

From the rooftop walkway, drop down onto the road running through the compound and enter the caravan by the rusting blue pickup, where you can't miss this drug brewing set up!
Case B: Hot Shot Supply Chain completed.

Evidence F3: Boomer Dossier

Go back across the compound to the opposite side from your car, then check on the table inside a caravan in the corner near the rocks.

Evidence F1: Bomb Blueprint

Exit the compound under the fence in the direction of your car, then turn right and look in the caravan to find this evidence on the table as you enter.

Evidence F6: License Plate

After surviving the attack at the garage, head out and check the rear of the car parked to the side.

Evidence F7: ATF Agent's Grave

Now cross the road to the destroyed building and scan the dirt pile next to a shovel.

Evidence F8: Ricin Bomb

When you arrive at the airstrip, enter the hangar with the plane then turn left and check the crate on the bench.
Case F: The Boomer Connection completed.

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