Battlefield Hardline warrants and case files collectibles guide

Episode 6: Out of Business 

Case E: Power PlayEvidence E2: Purchase Order for Bianchi

When you break a window and enter the dealership at the start of the chapter, scan the desk in the main lobby ahead of you.

Evidence E1: Letter from Kang's Wife

Now turn around and enter the office at the far end containing the computer you need to hack, then check on the desk.

Warrant: Ji-Hun Oh

When you arrive at the scrapyard, head up the stairs inside the building and scan the crims in the yard ahead to identify this suspect.

Warrant: James Mun

You may also have flagged up this suspect in the same area, but not been able to scan them as they're behind a building initially. Work your way around the yard to your left and find them behind a large yellow skip.

Evidence E3: Boomer Photo

After busting James Mun, search his body to find this evidence.

Evidence E4: Designer Luggage

Head into the workshop next to where you find James Mun, then scan this evidence on the bench ahead.

Warrant: Edgar Kwok

After rescuing Boomer, enter the next warehouse and scan the criminals in the area below.

Evidence E6: Remote Detonator

Once you've cleared out the area, check on the bench next to the first car.

Evidence E5: K-Pop Album

In the corner, scan the bench with the boombox on it.

Evidence B4: Palette of Hot Shot

After clearing out the Body Shop, look for this evidence under the stairs to the side.

Evidence E7: Bomb Under Kang's Bianchi

Scan the front of the white car being worked on in this area.

Evidence E8: Photo of Lily Kang and Roark

Now head into the side office and check on the desk facing out towards the Body Shop.

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