Battlefield 6 Kazakhstan location seemingly teased via GPS coordinates

Battlefield 6
(Image credit: EA)

A set of Battlefield 6 teasers are pointing toward Kazakhstan, if fans are reading the numbers right.

The teasers are allegedly hidden in two places (or at least these are the ones spotted so far by Battlefield YouTuber DANNYonPC): the tech demo for the next Battlefield that EA shared last year, and a Battlefield 5 skin which can only be unlocked by completing a secret challenge. The former teaser appears in the brief scene that shows a near-photorealistic face smiling. Before it swaps over to the fully rendered version, you can see a set of numbers appear just over the untextured face's nose.

If you translate these numbers to GPS coordinates, they point to a place in Kazakhstan. Then if you look at the Battlefield 5 Eidolon Skin, which can only be unlocked by completing a secret challenge implemented in the game's last major content update, you'll see the medallion on its waistband has a series of numbers in roman numerals. Translate those numbers to GPS coordinates and, again, you get a spot in Kazakhstan (though a different one this time).

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world by surface area, which means it has a lot of space to catch GPS coordinates - those numbers could be referring to something else entirely, or nothing at all. But that would still be quite a coincidence, so it's worth bearing this Kazakhstan connection in mind as we wait for more official details on Battlefield 6.

Need for Speed developer Criterion is helping out on Battlefield 6 too, which means the next game in the racing series has been delayed.

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