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Battlefield 3 music video issues a warning to campers

Rapper DeStorm and filmmaker Tom Antos have a very important message for would-be campers in Battlefield 3: don't even try it. Also, stop being such a damn wuss. To be clear, these are their words, not ours--and whether you view camping as a tactical strategy or a cheap way to rack up kills, there's no arguing Antos' Campers Be Warned videos is one of the most well produced (if not catchiest) fan flicks floating around right now.

Tom Antos is a working filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada. He and DeStorm teamed up earlier this year for the interactive 'Angry Birds Real Life' video, which won major Canadian bonus points for its use of Toronto Blue Jays apparel. Antos also drew attention from the gaming crowd back in September for this snazzy live-action Skyrim film:

So what have we learned? Antos either really likes making professional grade fan films, or has a huge hate-on for BF3 campers and Skyrim dragons. Let us know where you fall on the issue (the camping, not the dragons) in the comments below.

Oct 20, 2011

Source: Kotaku