Battlefield 2042 Xbox One and PS4 versions will have half the players in multiplayer modes

Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 on Xbox One and PS4 versions will have smaller maps with a smaller player count because of the benefits that the new-gen technology offers. 

The information about Battlefield 2042 multiplayer came during today's E3 2021 reveal event, and it gives us an idea of just how much the next Battlefield title is taking advantage of new-gen CPUs. 

On PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S multiplayer games Conquest and Breakthrough will be available to play with 128 players in what is known as All-Out Warfare. Consider this the next generation of the fan-favorite game modes, as they boast the largest maps ever for the franchise, with have dynamic weather and environmental hazards. Oh, and there's two more multiplayer experiences that have yet to be announced, so expect to get even more reasons to suit up and drop in. 

Battlefield 2042 on Xbox One and PS4 will only have 64 players in Conquest and Breakthrough modes, and the maps will be smaller and more focused. The environmental hazards and dynamic weather will still take place in the previous-gen versions of Battlefield 2042, however, so you'll still get a brand-new Battlefield experience. 

EA has yet to confirm what sort of cross-platform or cross-play support Battlefield 2042 will have, although it seems unlikely that new-gen and old-gen players will be able to play together. 

Battlefield 2042 will launch with seven new maps in the All-Out Warfare multiplayer modes. The maps are:

  • Kaleidoscope (South Korea) 
  • Manifest (Singapore) 
  • Orbital (French Guiana) 
  • Discarded (India)
  • Renewal (Egypt)
  • Hourglass (Qatar)
  • Breakaway (Antarctica) 

You'll jump into these massive maps as Specialists, an all-new type of playable soldier in the Battlefield franchise that will have their own Specialist Trait and Specialty. Battlefield 2042 will launch with 10 Specialists, and we know about four already: Wikus "Casper" Van Daele, Webster Mackay, Maria Falck, and Pyotr 'Boris" Guskovsky. 

The next Battlefield will also include a new Plus System which will allow you to customize your weapons in real-time, to help you better adjust and react to the current battle situations. You can change your scope, barrel, ammo type, or under-barrel attachment while you're playing. Now you'll be able to swap those iron sights for a red dot before that camping sniper gets you from across the impossibly huge map.

Battlefield 2042 will have a technical playtest in Early July for select players identified as "Battlefield veterans." Expect a second look at Battlefield 2042's multiplayer during the July 22 EA Play Live.

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