Battlefield 2042 leaks reveal near-future guns and gadgets

Battlefield 2042
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A pair of Battlefield 2042 weapon leaks will give you an early feel for the near-future arsenal before you can try it out yourself in the Battlefield 2042 beta.

The leaks appear to have been pulled from the closed, technical playtest for Battlefield 2042 which players weren't supposed to share. Somebody broke the rules to share videos of a ton of different weapons firing and reloading, from pistols to shotguns to assault rifles to light machine guns. The latter video even shows how some pieces of gear work, including a grappling automated turret, and what looks like some kind of pneumatic medical syringe launcher.

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None of the weapons fire laser beams or plasma pulses - or at least, none of the weapons in these videos do. While Battlefield 2042 is set 20 years in the future (and its timeline diverges from ours even before that, since Battlefield 4's War of 2020 is part of its canon), DICE is clearly trying to keep a grounded feel for soldiers' tools of the trade.

You'll be able to kit out your preferred Battlefield 2042 specialist with whatever weapons you like; it's their particular traits and gear that set them apart from one another. For instance, we've already had a look at how Battlefield 4 veteran Irish will be able to take his shelter to-go with a Fortification System, packing both deployable cover and an explosive-foiling "Shootdown Sentinel."

Meanwhile, a Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone leak points to a squad-based mode with some Escape from Tarkov vibes.

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