Battlefield 2042 beta build is "a few months old"

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The Battlefield 2042 beta is a "few months old," developer EA DICE has claimed.

Just below, you can see a few tweets from an EA DICE community manager posted earlier this week. In response to the various bugs and other technical issues that players have reported in the Battlefield 2042 beta this week, the developer has tried to assuage fears of the quality of the game, by reassuring players that this version of the game is a few months old.

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Elsewhere, EA DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson added a few more tweets the following day. Gabrielson says the team at EA DICE has made "amazing progress over the last few months," highlighting visual improvements like stability in particular, that unfortunately didn't make it into the current beta for Battlefield 2042.

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It's a shame that Battlefield 2042 players are encountering technical issues in the ongoing open beta, but EA DICE is standing firm in its statement that these issues aren't reflective of the final game. After all, a beta test is exactly that: a test phase, and not in any sense the final build of a game like Battlefield 2042.

There's not long now to go until Battlefield 2042 is finally here, when the new shooter from EA DICE launches next month on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The Battlefield 2042 beta only has a few days left before it's scheduled to wrap up later this week on October 9, so there's still time to sample the new game if you're yet to try it out on PC or consoles.

Head over to our own Battlefield 2042 open beta preview for what we made of our time with the game earlier this week.

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