Zack Snyder gives detailed new commentary on Batman v Superman – and explains that Martha moment

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Upon release, Batman v Superman was controversial to say the least. Yet, thanks to director Zack Snyder's legions of fans – and a much better Director's Cut released on DVD – the movie has left a somewhat better legacy. And now, with much of the Earth's population on lockdown, Snyder has offered an in-depth commentary on the movie, further deepening our knowledge of the superhero showdown. 

Over the course of three hours – which you can watch below – Snyder touched on planning Wonder Woman's entrance, how Batman's suit was inspired by  Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and why Superman's "Fortress of Solitude" is actually that pile of sticks we see in the Antarctic.

Perhaps one of the most interesting moments comes when Snyder goes into details about *that* infamous Martha moment. Many people who saw Batman v Superman in cinemas took issue with the two eponymous heroes halting their feud after realising their mothers have the same name. 

That, of course, is the simplified version. First, Snyder explains [H/T ScreeRant]: "[Superman] gets a shot in on the helmet. Kind of breaks it, which is symbolic. I like this idea that Batman's mask is being removed, revealing his true nature. His face is not hidden anymore, so this is really his true intent.”

He continues: “[Martha only works] if you force it to. Which I think sort of sums up his philosophy. [Batman]'s come all the way to this notion that he can only live in a world if he forces it into a morality that he can justify. But, in the end, he's about to discover that… his actions can easily go too far and he can become... what he hates, how this is the very thing he's fighting against."

Snyder adds that Batman has become symbolically the murderer "of his parents" in a peculiar way, as he's allowing Lex Luthor's goons to kill Superman's mother, Martha. "So, is he responsible for the death of Martha? Has he become the thing that he [hated]... Blinded by hatred, he's become the thing he hates.”

Whether that explanation – that Batman's become what he truly hates – really pays off is questionable. However, I will add that, by my own reckoning, the extended cut of Batman v Superman is much superior to the cinematic release. Perhaps it's time for another rewatch? For more superhero content, check out our list of the best superhero movies of all time.

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