Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate collectible locations guide

Return to Industrial

All items listed here can only be obtained when returning to the zone with certain tools.

Black Mask #16

Upon returning to Industrial to fight Black Mask, you'll use the upgraded Gel Launcher to jam a door - the same door you saw Black Mask wander through. Head through that door, and the mask will be on a shelf in the very next room.

Rush Upgrade

Return to the previous room, near the electrified floor panels. To the far left is a pipe you can crawl through. Do so, then use the Gel Launcher to blow the floor and reach a tunnel. Inside this tunnel is a portion of a grate you can rip away with the Batclaw. Do so to find a WayneTech crate on the other side.

Armor Reinforcement

When you return to Industrial to look for the secret entrance to the warden's office, head to the room just after the dented truck near the area entrance. In here is a set of fans and electrical switches. Use the upgraded Gel Launcher to jam the fans, then use the Shock Batarang to electrify the panels. this opens the door to your right, revealing a WayneTech crate.

Rush Upgrade

On your way to the secret entrance, you'll blow a hole in the floor with the Gel Launcher. Climb the stack of crates to your right, then use the Line Launcher to zip over a barbed wire gate. There's a WayneTech crate in this little area.

Red Son Boots

Continue toward the secret entrance, and you'll come to a rusted panel. Rip it away with the Batclaw, then use the Shock Batarang to electrify the exposed panel and open the door. On the other side is a WayneTech crate.

Black Mask #17

In the same corridor is a weak spot on the floor. Blow through, drop down, then drop to the right. Use the maintenance tunnel to enter the small room. This mask is on a crate inside.

Black Mask #18

Pass the four large pipes on your way out of the hall and enter the next room. Drop to ground level, then turn right. The mask is tucked away in a corner back here.

Armor Reinforcement

Now head left and grapple up to the walkway. Use the upgraded Gel Launcher to clog the pipe, and you'll be able to blow the left wall with the same tool. There's a WayneTech chest behind the wall.

Black Mask #19

Continue toward the secret entrance. When you reach the room with the flowing sewage, look up at the pipe above to spot another mask.

Black Mask #20

When you drop down the large shaft, head left. The final mask is against the wall here.

New 52 Boots

With the tight rope Line Launcher upgrade acquired, you'll ascend the large shaft you dropped down earlier. Use the tight rope to go higher than the platform to find a small upper area with a WayneTech crate.

Red Son Chest

Once you obtain the gamma Crypto Sequencer, you can open that pesky door in the large chamber near the dead engineer. Do so to find a WayneTech crate.

Heavy Gauntlets

Now head for the maintenance areas on the east side of the map. Up here, you can use the Batclaw to rip away a vent. Follow the path, then use the Shock Batarang to slow down the spinning fan. Crawl through the now safe space to find a WayneTech crate.

Red Son Gloves

Head towards the Industrial Generators entrance. Grapple upwards in the large room, then head left to find a vent you can rip away with the Batclaw. Do so, then follow the series of vents to reach a WayneTech crate.

Proximity Gel

Head toward the Black Mask boss area. In the long hall before the boss battle room, there will be a spot to grapple to the upper level. Do so, then head to your left. Use the tight rope Line Launcher to ascend to a grate you can yank away with the Batclaw. Grapple inside, then quickly grapple to the upper ledge to avoid the flames. There's a WayneTech crate in here.

One Million Gloves

Return to the room where the hostage was held. In the southern part of the room is an electrical switch you can hit with a Shock Batarang. Doing so opens a grate, so crawl through the space to find a room with an electrified pool. Grapple across to find a WayneTech crate.

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