Greta Gerwig wrote an "abstract poem" as the treatment for the Barbie movie

Greta Gerwig
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Barbie is shaping up to be this summer's most unique – and pink – blockbuster. As it turns out, director Greta Gerwig wrote a fittingly eccentric treatment for the movie. 

In a new interview with Vogue, star Margot Robbie revealed that Gerwig's treatment was in fact an "abstract poem." Robbie noted that her production company LuckyChap Entertainment wanted Gerwig and her writing partner (and husband) Noah Baumbach to have creative freedom, but also had to contend with Warner Bros. and Mattel having "a bazillion questions."

A deal was struck that meant Gerwig and Baumbach could write freely – and LuckyChap, Warner Bros., and Mattel did not see any of the script before it was completed – but the strange treatment in question was unveiled. "Greta wrote an abstract poem about Barbie. And when I say 'abstract,' I mean it was super abstract," Robbie commented. 

For her part, Gerwig turned down sharing the poem with Vogue, but did reveal that it "shares some similarities with the Apostles' Creed." That's a Christian poem about faith, so color us intrigued. 

The first trailer for the movie teases a plastic paradise packed with famous faces. The bumper cast includes (deep breath): Ryan Gosling, Will Ferell, John Cena, Emma Mackey, Simu Liu, Nicola Coughlan, Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Emerald Fennell, Kate McKinnon, Dua Lipa, and America Ferrera. 

One of the biggest discussion points surrounding Barbie, though, has been its release date, which just so happens to be the same day Oppenheimer is hitting theaters. Have no fear, though, because Matt Damon has put any rivalry between the films to rest. Oppenheimer is currently on the cover of Total Film magazine, if you're looking to learn more about Christopher Nolan's upcoming epic. 

Barbie is out this July 21. For everything else the year has in store, see our guide to all of 2023's major movie release dates

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