Band From Sci-Fi

What happens when science fiction TV, film and book titles form an unholy alliance with rock and pop stars?

Are you following SFX on Twitter yet? If not, here’s an example of the fun you’re missing out on (or possibly a reason never to venture anywhere near,take your pick). Last week, our Ian idly starting amusing himself by combining band names and pop/rock star names with SF and fantasy book, film and TV titles. He came up with Kenny Rogers In The 25th Century , Manilow From Atlantis and Terminator: The Des O’Connor Chronicles but then, before he wasted the whole afternoon, we forced him to ask our esteemed Twitter followers for more suggestions.

And the floodgates opened. Here are just a few of our favourite responses. Feel free to add your own…

Simply Red Dwarf lisawest99

Earth, Wind and Firefly jaredpage

Space Above & Beyonce Sourdust

Rendezvous With Bananarama rebelrebel62

The Twelve Monkees jonnymillarekn

Battlestar Metallica James_Albins

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Chaka Khan GraylinFox (and others)

Grandmaster Flash Gordon richmcauliffe_ (and others)

Fireball XL-Jackson-5 JM71

Lord Of The Ting Tings soullessparty

Earth Vs The Flying Pickets Sourdust

Green Day Of The Triffids KureiguWu

Children Of The Rolling Stones rebelrebel62

The Human League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen soullessparty

Who Framed Roger Whittaker? Bigbossfan

Gladys Knight Rider (and the K.I.T.T.s) Professoryard

The Thompson Twin Peaks PabloCheesecake

Pussycat Dollhouse TheGeoffOwen

Brimstone Roses VinceMH

The McFly jon_weir

Third Rock from the Sonny and Cher VinceMH

Close Encounters Of The Byrds Kind cayenne530

Mad Max Bygraves darth_elvis

2001: A Bill Oddiesey krunchie_frog

A Town Called Ulrika Johnsson TonyLazarus

Stargate: Alanis Morrisette skcdmd

Tron Jovi dannyjcorr

And a few that bent the rules, but were fun anyway

Delta and the Bunnymen tk_firetruck (we’re sure that there’s a whole separate game to be made involving Doctor Who episode titles)

Billy Jor-El scrutz

James Blunt Versus Predator soullessparty (which is purely something like we’d like to see)

Dave Golder
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Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.