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Bad Teacher gets a Red Band trailer

Bad Teacher Red Band trailer

Bad Teacher is a film that from title to premise is trying to recreate some of the magic that made Billy Bob Thornton's Bad Santa such a treat.

Based on the strength of the first trailer however, Cameron Diaz is no Billy Bob Thornton, and Bad Teacher is no Bad Santa .

Not to say it's all bad though, despite Diaz not ever really feeling comfortable in her role as a pot-smoking, potty mouthed educator, some of the jokes land perfectly thanks to the great supporting cast, notably TF favourite Jason Segal.

Swearing its way through much of the NSFW-dictionary, the Red Band trailer also gives away details of a mostly nonsensical plot involving Justin Timberlake and boob jobs.

You can see the fully NSFW Red Band trailer below (put your headphones on, cubicle dwellers);

File this one under 'wholly unconvinced' for now. We definitely cracked a few chuckles throughout, but remain doubtful that the 'swearing = comedy' premise is enough to carry the film for 90 mins.

Bad Teacher is released in the UK June 24 2011.