Back 4 Blood devs are "absolutely working" on a vote kick option to deal with griefers

Back 4 Blood
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The Back 4 Blood developers have heard the many requests for a vote kick feature, though they can't say when it will be added to the game.

As we reported last week, significant portions of the Back 4 Blood player community have been calling on developer Turtle Rock Studios to add more options to deal with griefers - chief among them the ability to begin a vote among fellow players on whether to kick a certain member of the team. This could reduce the impact a lone griefer could have on ruining a team's game, since the other teammates acting in good faith would naturally be inclined to vote them out.

A Turtle Rock Studios representative told GamesRadar that the studio is aware of the requests for "a kick and/or vote to kick function for multiplayer sessions" and confirmed it is working on something of that nature, but also cautioned that it will take time to do right.

"We hope the community understands there are significant design and player experience considerations associated with such a feature (reward considerations for kicked players, potential for griefing in the opposite direction, continued management, etc.), " the representative said. "We are absolutely aware of it and absolutely working on it. We cannot, however, provide an immediate and accurate ETA as we must ensure the design and implementation is tight."

In short, better ways to deal with griefers in Back 4 Blood are coming thanks in large part to community requests, but they will take some time to arrive.

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