Back 4 Blood players ask developers for more ways to deal with game-ruining griefers

Back 4 Blood
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Back 4 Blood players are suffering from griefers, and they're calling on the developers to add a vote kick option to contend with this other parasitic plague.

A popular thread posted to the Back 4 Blood subreddit by BigMagic_1 makes a succinct plea in its title: "For the love of god, please let us vote-kick griefers." They describe a situation where a single player in their co-op mission delayed the entire team's progress by refusing to enter a saferoom, then prevented the team from completing a mission-critical objective until everyone got killed by zombies, and even outright melee attacked teammates.

Fellow Reddit users joined in on the request in the comments, calling out griefing in Back 4 Blood as being particularly nasty - though a handful of users noted turning off crossplay while playing on PC did seem to help, attributing some of the worst offenders to players who got Back 4 Blood free on Xbox Game Pass and are therefore less invested in the game.

While the Back 4 Blood beta over the summer did include a kick option in its player menu, the feature didn't seem to function correctly at the time. It was removed entirely in the release version of the game. You can still report players who are deliberately being jerks, but that won't have the same immediate effect of removing them from your game.

We've reached out to Turtle Rock Studios and WB Games to see if they're considering adding a vote kick option to Back 4 Blood in response to player feedback and will update this article with any response.

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