Best Back 4 Blood characters

Back 4 Blood best characters
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The best Back 4 Blood characters, or cleaners, might be a matter of opinion in some ways - Evangelo shouldn't be anybody's favourite when it comes to personality - but stats are a different matter. Each playable character in Back 4 Blood has their own abilities or stat boosts, not to mention a certain secondary weapon that they carry with them into the battle. We'll lay them all out below with the info on the best character to choose in Back 4 Blood, so you're ready to know how you're wearing when you wander into the Ridden.

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Best Back 4 Blood Characters

Back 4 Blood

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There's currently a total of eight characters in Back 4 Blood, each with their own abilities and skills to pick from, though they're not entirely equivalent. Not only that, but you'll also need to know how to unlock Back 4 Blood characters, which we've put together a helpful guide for. 

That being said, if you're picking between the eight characters prior to wandering into the campaign, you'll need to know who's best. Here's three characters you should absolutely be considering when starting a mission.


Back 4 Blood best characters

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  • Can instantly revive a teammate once per level.
  • +1 team extra life
  • +1 support inventory

The grumpy granny of the group, Mom is a powerhouse for keeping your team alive. She's a frontline support cleaner, able to revive a single character with no item needed, and helps boost everybody's overall durability with that extra life. An 1-Up and a quick-revive power can turn a hopeless situation around in an instant, and make Mom an essential choice when it comes to the higher difficulties.


Back 4 Blood best characters

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  • Can heal each teammate for 25 health once per level
  • +20% healing efficiency
  • +25% team trauma resistance

Carrying on the healing theme, Doc restores health well and should be your pack mule for all the healing items, as she's the one best equipped to make the most out of them. 20% healing bonus might not sound like much, but over the course of a campaign that's a huge amount of health restoration. Combine that with a little out-the-gate healing boost and an added trauma resistance across the team, and Doc will do a lot for overall survivability.


Back 4 Blood best characters

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  • Chance to find ammo after killing a Ridden
  • +1 offensive inventory
  • +10% max team ammo capacity

We're probably into the slightly less essential cleaners now, but everybody's favourite John Goodman impersonator can do a lot to keep your ammo supplies high, so he's not that inessential. Hoffman's ability to functionally draw ammunition from his kills mean that the team can focus less on bullet conservation and more on firepower - nobody wants to be scrounging for bullets when an Ogre is giving you the side-eye. 


Back 4 Blood best characters

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  • Sense nearby hazards and mutations
  • +1 quick inventory
  • +50% team use speed

Karlee has two abilities that bring her above the rest - her passive ability to highlight nearby threats, and her serious boost to the speed at which you can all use items. It's a general upgrade overall and focuses on Karlee's skill as a kind of agile scout, scanning ahead for danger and dashing back to pick up her teammates in times of crisis. Give her cards to match, and she'll do a lot to keep you safe.

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