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Baby Yoda is simply too much in newly-revealed original concept art

(Image credit: Disney)

Jon Favreau took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the cutest thing you'll see all week, the original concept art for the scene-stealing Baby Yoda. Star Wars fans and everyone with a heart collectively fell in love when a certain special "asset" was revealed at the end of The Mandalorian's first episode, and the colloquially-named Baby Yoda continues to explode hearts in this newly-revealed concept art. 

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We don't yet know exactly who Baby Yoda actually is, but he's referred to as "the Child" in the Disney Plus series, although it's revealed the Yoda-like creature is actually a ripe 50 years old. If Baby Yoda actually were Yoda, which he is almost definitely not, that would mark a significant continuity error for the Star Wars series, as Yoda the Jedi master died at 900 years old in The Return of the Jedi.

The concept art is Baby Yoda at his absolute cutest, wrapped snugly in a pint-sized coat with one tiny, three-pronged foot sticking out from the bottom. His glinting round eyes project a hopeful innocence that belies the little Yoda's 50 years of age. Repeating Baby Yoda's age, I'm reminded how bizarre it is that the entire internet is marveling over how cute a 50-year-old unnamed creature's foot is.

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