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The Mandalorian release schedule: what time does episode 4 air on Disney Plus UK?

The Mandalorian release schedule
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The Mandalorian is continuing at a brisk pace this week on Disney Plus. UK fans will be eagerly awaiting episode 4 and, well, we’re here to fill you in. That includes the release date and time for the new episode, as well as every other future episode in our rundown of The Mandalorian release schedule.

After all, there’s not much worse than missing out on all the Mando chatter, so it pays to be clued in now rather than later when your friends inevitably spoil something on a Zoom call. Such are the times we live in.

So, get prepared: here’s when you can watch The Mandalorian episode 4 in our spoiler-free guide.

The Mandalorian episode 4 release date and time

Not long to do now. The Mandalorian episode 4 release date Friday, April 3. Expect it to land at roughly 8am BST, though previous episodes have aired even earlier on Friday mornings so be vigilant. Just be sure to log on and keep refreshing around that time and be patient if it doesn't pop up straight away.

The Mandalorian release schedule

The Mandalorian release schedule is here, and it's slightly less complicated than the original batch of releases would have you believe. Two episodes dropped on Tuesday, March 24 to coincide with the Disney Plus UK launch, while a third arrived on Friday, March 27.

Then, there's a new episode every Friday until the season finale on May 1. That means you can try out nearly half the season as part of the Disney Plus free trial when it eventually becomes available. Here's it all laid out in full, with currently-available episodes appearing in bold:

  • The Mandalorian episode 1: Tuesday, March 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 2: Tuesday, March 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 3: Friday, March 27
  • The Mandalorian episode 4: Friday, April 3
  • The Mandalorian episode 5: Friday, April 10
  • The Mandalorian episode 6: Friday, April 17
  • The Mandalorian episode 7: Friday, April 24
  • The Mandalorian episode 8 (season finale): Friday, May 1

What time will new episodes of The Mandalorian release on Disney Plus?

We won't know for sure until later this week, but new episodes in the US dropped at around 8am BST. Expect The Mandalorian to follow suit in the UK, despite the clocks going forward.

While you wait for new episodes of The Mandalorian, you can check out all the best movies on Disney Plus and best shows on Disney Plus. Plus, if you've watched all eight episodes already, here's a primer for The Mandalorian season 2.

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