The Bear star's new sci-fi time travel movie debuts to a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

Mary-Louise Parker and Ayo Edebiri in Omni Loop
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Ayo Edebiri is one busy actor. The Bear star's latest movie, Omni Loop, just premiered at SXSW to critical acclaim, and the sci-fi film currently has a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

This time loop movie follows physicist Zoya (The West Wing's Mary-Louise Parker), who's been told she has a week left to live due to a black hole in her chest. This isn't news to Zoya, though – she's heard it dozens of times before as, when her last week comes to an end, she pops a pill that takes her back seven days. Edebiri plays quantum physics student Paula, who Zoya enlists to help her harness the – rather limited – time travel ability at her disposal.  

Critics are full of praise for the latest effort from writer-director Bernardo Britto. "Time may unravel in Omni Loop, but admirably, it opens up the space to think less about the secrets of the larger universe than to take stock of the smaller ones that exist around us," reads Variety's review of the film. 

"Sometimes, in film and in life, the greatest gifts are the ones you don’t expect yet were there all along. Omni Loop is this in beautiful, bittersweet action. As it loops back one more time, you’ll wish you could run it all back again," agrees Collider.

Meanwhile, IndieWire's review praises the way Omni Loop dips its toe into the science of time loops in a way other films in the genre tend not to. "While the film’s time-loop premise does engage with the usual themes of appreciating every moment and the preciousness of life, it also ties the concept to the scientific method in a way that feels fresh and interesting." 

Edebiri is also set to have a voice role in Disney sequel Inside Out 2, as well as starring in road movie The Sweet East, which is coming to UK cinemas later this month. She'll reprise her role as Sydney in The Bear season 3, which is currently filming, and it looks like season 4 is in the works, too.

Omni Loop doesn't have a release date yet. While we wait for the film to arrive on our screens, check out our guide to the other best upcoming movies on the way in 2024 and beyond.

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