Avengers: Infinity War directors tease where Thanos is keeping his Infinity Gauntlet

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For all of the hype, we’ve seen disappointingly little of MCU Big Bad Thanos heading into Avengers: Infinity War. Sure, he rocked up in Guardians of the Galaxy, plus the Avengers: Age of Ultron post-credits scene but we want more, dammit! Thankfully, Infinity War directors The Russo Brothers have released a great teasing shot of something that looks suspiciously like where Thanos might hold the Infinity Stones…

Over on Twitter, the directing duo posted a very regal and shiny looking vault, which looks very similar to the previously-mentioned post-credits scene (y’know, the one where Thanos throws a giant purple hissy fit and grabs his Infinity Gauntlet).

So, what does that possibly tell us about Avengers: Infinity War? For one thing, it hints at a few Thanos-heavy scenes, even with Avengers 4 on the horizon.

Just throwing it out there, but it’s not entirely clear where Thanos’s post-credits scene falls on the MCU timeline, so don’t be surprised to see the mad space tyrant put a near-complete Infinity Gauntlet under lock and key again before hunting down the remaining Infinity Stones.

And, if nothing else, I want the number for whoever installed that vault. Thanos has great home security. That thing’s got more locks than an underwater safe in Scotland.