Avengers: Endgame footage shows a cool new energy shield for Iron Man

Another day in the wait to Avengers: Endgame (opens in new tab), another new TV spot. Marvel is almost spoiling fans with a steady stream of fresh video teasers, but not really, because most of the time it's all footage you've seen before arranged in slightly different ways (that bit about not throwing up in your ship is getting old, Rocket). This time Marvel's being generous, giving us a better look at a few scenes, and even a tease of a new power for Tony Stark's ever-evolving Iron Man suit.

Why let Captain America have all the fun with shields? The latest version of the Iron Man suit can flip forward a set of emitters from its wrist, deploying a big projected-energy shield that you just know will take a few hits before getting blown off Tony's arm in dramatic fashion. That's why Captain America gets to have all the fun with shields.

Another scene gives us a better look at the holographic projection used to keep tabs on Thanos (which we previously saw in that Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel scene). There's a big burst of energy, which apparently doesn't dissuade the team from trying to go grab the stones from Thanos and use them to restore half the universe to life.

There's also Black Widow getting some practice in on a punching bag, God bless her. As one of two remaining Avengers without superpowers or a ton of sci-fi weaponry, she could always knock Hawkeye out if he gets mind controlled again. Just a week remains until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 25 - make sure you brush up on our how to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers (opens in new tab) guide until then.

There will be even more to keep track of soon - the Disney+ MCU shows will interact with the movies "in a very big way" (opens in new tab). Or check out a wider look at entertainment and games with our latest Release Radar video.

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