Chris Pratt shares "illegal" behind the scenes video from major Avengers: Endgame plot point

There will never be another cinematic event like Avengers: Endgame, and Chris Pratt knew it when he whipped out his phone and started filming the greatest collection of Earth's mightiest heroes (actors) milling about on set - despite that apparently being super against the rules. Fortunately, the actor behind Star Lord knew well enough to hold off on posting the video until after Endgame came out.

Speaking of which, beware of Avengers: Endgame spoilers in the rest of this article! If you haven't seen the movie yet, you'll probably want to just mosey right along. Might I recommend our Endgame-spoiler-free list of every new Marvel movie coming in the years ahead?

Pratt's video appears to have been taken prior to filming the big final battle, but after when Hulk snapped back and returned the Avengers (and everyone else turned to dust by Thanos) to life. There's Dave Bautista in a comfy hoodie over his grape-purple dyed skin, Jeremy Renner absolutely getting into character as he lurks moodily over everybody else, Chris Evans hamming it up for the smartphone camera, and a ton more.

There will be many more Marvel movies, and chances are whatever new storyline follows the Infinity Saga will lead up to its own thrilling "everybody's here" conclusion (before starting over again once more). However big it goes, it won't be the first. Whether you're looking forward to another 22 Marvel movies or if you're ready to retire along with Dr. Banner, it's been a hell of a trip.

Wondering where it could all go from here? Us too - and we laid out some possibilities in what's coming in Marvel Phase 4. Or check out a video guide to some of the questions we still had after the credits rolled.

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