What's the Avengers 4 title? Here's our best guesses based on rumors, speculation, and more


What’s in a name? Well, if you’ve been following the laundry list of possible Avengers 4 titles, it means everything going into the MCU’s biggest movie ever. From poster teases to fan speculation, there’s been more column inches dedicated to the reveal of what will amount to three or four words than most movies get in a lifetime. It’s seriously impressive just how long Marvel Studios has made us wait for the Avengers 4 title, with it even becoming the subject of many a late night show and the talk of Twitter for months now. It’s incredible.

While the Avengers 4 title will probably be nothing out of this world, it’s almost certainly the most eagerly-anticipated reveal in quite some time. Yet, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of whispers and names that are almost definitely wrong - but which rumoured Avengers 4 titles are (probably) legit and which can we snap into oblivion? We’ve tracked down five of the biggest possible Avengers 4 titles and taken apart where they originated from and what they each could mean for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come May 3, 2019. Spoiler: There might be spoilers.

Avengers: End Game

Where it came from: Unlike some rumours, which carry little legitimacy outside of fan hopes and dreams, Avengers: End Game comes from a source pretty close to Avengers: Infinity War (and Avengers 4) directors, the Russo brothers. Cinematographer Trent Opalach has worked closely with the Russos on a number of MCU movies and, to reflect that, his personal site is filled with credits referring to them – including Avengers: End Game. That’s… pretty big. While it may have been a simple slip-up, the age-old manoeuvre of swiftly deleting it did little to dampen expectation that this will be the official Avengers 4 title.

What it could mean: For one thing, it all sounds pretty ominous. We’ve heard talk about Avengers 4 funeral scenes, as well as the expectation of more than one big death coming our way. That’s a given. But, in terms of the MCU, Avengers 4 is also going to be the end of Phase 3. If nothing else, it’ll be a nice little wink and a nod towards that (and the old guard leaving – which we know Chris Evans will be doing) and starting things anew. Or, they could all be playing a life-or-death game of blackjack with Thanos. Ehh. Probably not.

Avengers: Annihilation

Where it came from: This one comes from Jeremy Conrad, a trusted source on all things MCU – and it’s also backed up by the Russos’ cheeky tease of a poster released in September 2018. In it, there’s a very clear framing of a ladder and an easel which, in Conrad’s mind, (and now mine, because I can’t unsee it), spells out ‘A A’ or, ‘Avengers: Annihilation’. The Russos, after all, did tell us to look closely – and revealing the title via an incredibly obscure poster would just about be in their wheelhouse.

What it could mean: Annihilation – y’know, the end of all things – doesn’t exactly conjure up pictures of rainbows and lollipops. Things are going to be nasty, and depressing, and probably very sad, too. It also speaks back to Thanos’ snap in Infinity War, which feels like ages ago, and is almost definitely the reason why Kevin Feige said the Avengers 4 title wouldn’t be revealed before Infinity War due to it being a spoiler. There’s also a comic series by the same name but, honestly, to go down that route would require some serious contortion worthy of Mr. Fantastic himself. It involves Galactus, Thanos saving the universe, the entire planet being destroyed... Fun, fun, fun.

Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Where it came from: This one actually slipped out of the mouth of a certain Guardians of the Galaxy member (H/T Screen Rant). Zoe Saldana (AKA the dearly-departed Gamora) revealed at a press event that Avengers 4 is called – or at least being referred to – as Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though. The, umm, dearly-departed (for very different reasons) director James Gunn has outright said via Yahoo Movies that this won’t be the Avengers 4 title, so there’s some confusion.

What it could mean: With the rumours of time travel stronger than ever, this title, should it happen to be true, could be referring to the timey-wimey heist to go and grab the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet back from Thanos in the past. It’d make for a helluva great spectacle, too, seeing the Mad Titan slowly come to terms with things going lopsided in the present. But, it’s also interesting that it’s the actress who plays Gamora who mentioned the words Infinity Gauntlet... Her half-sister, Nebula, plays an extremely important role in the comic series of the same name, even taking control of the Gauntlet herself for a brief time, and lending a helping hand in Thanos’ downfall. Could that form a major part of the plot? Only time will tell.

Avengers: The Last Avenger

Where it came from: Mark Ruffalo. Because, of course. During an appearance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the Hulk actor – notorious for leaking spoilers after leaving his phone’s video function on during an Infinity War screening – played along with a bit in which he ‘revealed’ the Avengers 4 title. As part of the joke, the title was completely blanked out. This being the internet though, message board sleuths managed to ‘figure out’ exactly what was said. Avengers: The Last Avenger was the title Ruffalo decided to use. Merely a joke, or something else entirely? Probably the former but, still, this will be a theory that won’t go away until we get some official confirmation.

What it could mean: The original Avengers are probably going to take a bit of a bruising, should this Avengers 4 title theory ring true. While many of the newer Marvel characters were dusted away during Infinity War, plenty of the old guard managed to stick around. Which means, theoretically, they could be whittled down into one of them remains. My money’s on Thor. It could also be seen as a pointed reference to Cap. His first solo movie was, of course, Captain America: The First Avenger and as Chris Evans is saying goodbye to the role in Avengers 4, it’d be a nice bookend for a man who helped shape the MCU as we know it. *Sniff*

Avengers: Eternity War

Where it came from: Reddit, naturally. But, wait, come back! This one’s a doozy. User TMKTanner has taken the Russos’ declaration that the Avengers 4 title was never uttered in Infinity War and the revelation that the closest anyone has got to the actual title (via Comicbook.com) is ‘Avengers: Forever’ to come up with Avengers: Eternity War. Not only does it mesh well with the possible time travel elements of the movie, it serves as a neat complement for Infinity War’s travels to space. Space and time. Geddit? This is probably my personal favourite.

What it could mean: While we don’t get too much from the title, it’d certainly mean that time travel would play a massive role in the movie. That and there’d be plenty of battles over something, possibly the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos has already gone through the deepest reaches of space to get his hands on the universe-warping weapon, and now Tony Stark and the Avengers are going back through time to stop it.

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