Avengers 4 title - we predict the sequel's name using brains, science, and lols


The Avengers 4 title is still very much under wraps. According to Marvel Studios, that's not because it doesn't have a name, but because the title is a spoiler for Infinity War. But is it? Is it really? Surely the notion of naming a movie after a spoiler for its predecessor, and then releasing it just a year later - after a stack of promo - is a bit of a faux pas in today's spoiler-sensitive, Twitter-dodging age? Imagine if Lucasfilm had gone with Battle Against Sith Dad instead of Return of the Jedi?! That's the kind of deal we're looking at here.

But hey, maybe Marvel has been spending too much time on Twitter itself. Maybe it's evolved that day one spoiler-jerk attitude of 'Well if you really cared, you'd have seen it by now'. Maybe your feelings are no longer deemed important if you're not going to be there for opening weekend. Maybe Avengers 4 is called something like... 

Avengers: Everyone's Dead 

Avengers: The Resurrection Of Captain America (Because He Died) 

Avengers: Age Of The Reboot 

Avengers: The Dark Reign Of Howard The Duck 

Avengers: This One Is Actually The Black Widow Movie (Because Everyone Else Is Dead) 

Avengers: Rise Of The Defenders 

Avengers: Enter The Fantastic Four 

Avengers: Requiem For Earth (Because It Blew Up) 

Avengers: Deadpool Kills The Last Survivors Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe 

Avengers: Marvel Zombies (Seriously, Everyone Is Dead) 

Avengers: What, The Entire MCU Was A Tony Stark Black-Out dream? 

Avengers: Holy Shit, It’s Batman! 

Avengers: X-Men Clean Up The Mess  

Avengers: Time Travel Fixes Everything 

Avengers: So Marvel Vs. Capcom Is Canon Now 

Avengers: Iron-Man Avenged (Yep, Dead) 

Avengers: Odin Saves The Day! 

Avengers: Thank God It Was All Just A Loki Prank

Avengers: Rise Of The Silver Surfer