Austin Butler is bald in first teaser for Dune 2

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Ever since it was announced that actor Austin Butler would be bald in the highly anticipated sequel Dune: Part Two, the internet has been craving a glimpse at his new look. And last week courtesy of Vanity Fair we did indeed get a tease, as the first official images from director Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi blockbuster were released, however Butler's villain Feyd-Rautha could only be seen from behind in silhouette.

That disappointment has now been eased as film studio Warner Bros. Pictures released a short teaser yesterday (May 2) ahead of today's trailer launch (May 3). Several characters can be seen in the footage including Timothée Chalamet's Paul Atreides, Zendaya's Chani, and Florence Pugh's newcomer Princess Irulan, but arguably the highlight was the image of Butler's antagonist which allowed fans to see him in all of his terrifying glory - bald with his eyebrows also shaved off.

Austin Butler as Elvis

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

It of course is a very different look for Butler, who rose to fame with his Oscar-nominated lead role in biopic Elvis, but it suits his Dune character. Previously played by Sting in David Lynch's 1984 film adaptation of the beloved novel, Feyd-Rautha is the menacing nephew of Baron Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgård) and brother to the sadistic Glossu Rabban (Dave Bautista). The film will see the pair compete to become the Harkonnen family’s successor on the sandy planet Arrakis.

In an interview with USA Today Bautista teased what we can expect from Butler's baddie, confirming that the actor shed his lingering Elvis voice for the performance: "I don’t know who this guy was, but it’s not Austin Butler. It’s not Elvis. His voice is different, his look is different. Everything about his demeanor is terrifying.” 

We can't wait to see it! Dune 2 arrives on November 3, 2023. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming major movie release dates for everything else the year has in store. 

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