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WWE 2K17 roster: all 156 confirmed wrestlers profiled including DLC (Eddie Guerrero, Sycho Sid and more)

Triple H

WWE's executive vice president went missing from TV screens after his WWE Championship defeat to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, but is sure to return before the year is out – likely in cahoots with real life wife and Raw president Stephanie McMahon. A WrestleMania 33 match with brother-in-law Shane McMahon would make storyline sense; even if that doesn't materialise in Orlando, you can make it happen in WWE 2K17.

Tye Dillinger (DLC)

The least-known of any wrestler on this list, but that should change soon with Dillinger's performances in NXT transforming him from enhancement talent to genuine fan favourite. The man who calls himself 'Perfect 10' floundered in his first WWE spell as Gavin Spears, but has already easily surpassed that run at the second time of asking.

Tyson Kidd

In all likelihood, the one-time Hart Dynasty member has wrestled his last match; he suffered a severe spinal injury in a match with Samoa Joe on June 7, 2015, and is lucky to even be here at all – only 5% survive the same kind of injury, and most are rendered quadriplegic. In a smart, welcome touch, 2K has at least ensured that Kidd's career can continue in the virtual rings of WWE 2K17.

Ultimate Warrior

GR+ still isn't over Warrior's untimely death in 2014 – an event marked by this tribute piece looking back at his best videogame appearances –  but his inclusion in the WWE game for a fourth straight year at least keeps his memory alive. However, Hulk Hogan's ongoing exclusion from the 'E for you-know-why means no way to relive their WrestleMania 6 classic. Those wishing to do that will need to backtrack to last-gen's WWE 2K14.


He’s a one-match-a-year guy in real WWE rings now – in 2016, that was a randomly-constructed Hell In A Cell bout against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 – but 2K17 enables you to bring ‘Taker back full time. Tombstones ahead for Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and (as is traditional) for brother Kane, then. 

The Usos

WWE's longest-serving full-time tag team get another WWE 2K17 appearance, as expected – and with the company's writers showcasing exactly zero ideas as to how to keep them fresh, you can almost certainly do better. A heel turn? A split with Jimmy going to Raw and Jey to Smackdown? The choice is very much yours. But, y'know, do something. [12 September update: WWE listened, and the Usos have finally turned heel. At last!]

The Vaudevillains

2015 was a year Aiden English (above) and Simon Gotch would describe as splendiferous, defeating Blake & Murphy for the NXT tag titles, and making 2K series debuts. Alas, 2016 has seen them promoted to the main roster and then swiftly forgotten about – to the point of losing in three minutes to the debuting American Alpha in August. Still, an appearance in WWE 2K17 is a small bit of good news.


It’s time, it’s time… After his appearance as one of the most fun-to-play legends in WWE 2K16, Big Leon is back for another round of Sky High Chokeslams and Vader Bombs. Amazing fact: he played for the LA Rams in Super Bowl 14. Second amazing fact: surprisingly, his name has nothing to do with Star Wars. 

Vince McMahon

It's four years since WWE owner Mr Mahon last stepped between the ropes for an actual match – an October 2012 draw against CM Punk on Raw. And we're unlikely to see him do so anytime soon, after turning 70 last year. Age is no such problem in WWE 2K17, however: you can have him F5'd by Brock Lesnar, jackhammered by Goldberg, and gorilla press slammed by Ultimate Warrior as often as you wish.

Zack Ryder

Woo, woo, woo: he's back. Fans were, quite rightly, incensed in 2015 when the Hype Bro was left off the roster, no doubt because WWE has never valued him as highly as his 1.9 million Twitter followers. There's no such mistake this time around, and you'd fancy Smackdown tag partner Mojo Rawley will also make the cut – even if it's only as DLC released later.

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