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Wolf Creek sequel finally gets the go ahead

A sequel to horror flick Wolf Creek has finally been given the green light, six years after the original film aired in cinemas.

Greg McLean, who wrote and directed Wolf Creek , will once again be behind the camera.

It's also been confirmed that John Jarratt will reprise his role as Mick Taylor, the psychopathic hunter who lured backpackers to their deaths in the first movie.

“We’re keeping story details top secret for now, but it is safe to say: scarier, bigger, badder,” producer Matt Hearn told ScreenDaily.

However, despite Hearn's talk of secrecy, some online sources have published fairly detailed plot synopses.

The storyline allegedly sees three backpackers (Rutger, Katarina and Paul) encountering Mick and fleeing for their lives. Pursued across the hostile outback, one of them is eventually dragged back to his lair to witness the full extent of his monstrous nature.

Wolf Creek 2 begins pre-production in December and will shoot in February.