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Our ultimate guide to what to watch in the time of Coronavirus

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Certain countries are now easing out of lockdown, yet many of us are still at home. Chances are, should you be twidling your thumbs a little, then you could do with adding a few things to that watchlist. We're here to help. Below, GamesRadar+ presents our ultimate guide to what to watch in the time of coronavirus. 

For starters, we have lists of what's available on streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. then, we get into a few other listicles such as best sci-fi movies, best boxsets, and much more. Whatever your taste, we have you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let us help you find what to watch next.

Update: Our guide now includes the best war movies to stream right now!


The 30 best Netflix movies (opens in new tab) 
Netflix has never been more vital to our lives than right now. The long-going streaming service offers a wonderful array of movies.

The 30 best Netflix shows (opens in new tab)
Netflix also has some really, really good shows – both original series and those that came from different networks. Highlights include The Good Place, Better Call Saul, and Mindhunter.

The 30 best kids' movies on Netflix (opens in new tab)
Many schools are currently closed, meaning there are a load of kids currently at home wondering what to do. If you're a parent, then you could do worse than treating them to one of these.

The 25 best documentaries on Netflix (opens in new tab)
Who doesn't love learning about something new – and ideally also strange? Netflix offers a whole host of great documentaries that are well worth watching.

The best new Netflix movies and shows (opens in new tab)
Fancy something new? Then check out our ever-updating list of all the best new stuff being put on Netflix.

Disney Plus

The 30 best movies on Disney Plus (opens in new tab)
Disney has entered the streaming game in a big way, making their huge back-catalogue of classics available online. Here are some of our favourite movies.

The 30 best shows on Disney Plus (opens in new tab)
While Disney doesn't have quit Netflix's track-record of shows, they do have a couple of aces up their sleeve. And we're not just talking about the Mandalorian – though that definitely features.

The 30 best Disney movies (opens in new tab)
Above, we have all the best movies on Disney Plus. Here, we have the best Disney movies of all time. Get ready to fight us.

The best Pixar movies (opens in new tab)
Also available on Disney Plus are the Pixar movies. From Onward to Toy Story, we rank them all. Again, fight us.

Disney Plus hidden gems
(opens in new tab)
Sure, you can go for the obvious classics, but why not try something new? That's why we've rounded up the best hidden gems on the streaming service.

New Disney Plus movies and shows (opens in new tab)
Like with Netflix, we have an updating piece on all the best new movies and shows coming to Disney Plus.

The best Marvel movies, (opens in new tab) ranked!
There's no denying our adoration for the MCU – and trying to rank each movie in the franchise was tough. But, we did it! 

How to watch the Marvel movies in order (opens in new tab)
We write a lot about the Marvel movies – but what if you're a novice to the series? We've got you covered too. Here's how to watch all the Marvel movies in order.

Best Star Wars movies (opens in new tab)
We adore the Star Wars movies – no surprises there – but which one's the best? We argued over the top spot for way too long...

How to watch all the Star Wars movies in order (opens in new tab)
The number of Star Wars movies available to watch can make embarking on the series a tad daunting. Fear not, as we have a guide on how to watch all the Star Wars movies in order.

Amazon Prime

The 30 best movies on Amazon Prime (opens in new tab)
Don't forget about Amazon Prime – a treasure trove of excellent movies. While they don't have many originals, they do have a ton of must-watch classics.

The 30 best shows on Amazon Prime (opens in new tab)
Futurama, House, Buffy, Mr Robot... that's just a quick taste of what's available on Amazon Prime.

Best movies

The 30 best sci-fi movies (opens in new tab)
Sci-fi movies have long been a wonderful escape to another world, universe, or galaxy. Perhaps it's time to revisit a classic?

The 30 best feel-good movies (opens in new tab)
The world's a bit strange right now, and we could all do with a cuddle. These are the movies that will give you the warm fuzzies. 

The 30 best horror movies (opens in new tab)
Yes, we just recommended feel-good movies... For some of us, watching a terrifying movie is comforting, ok? 

The 30 best war movies (opens in new tab)
Because there's nothing better to get you ready for facing the outside world when this is all over than a good ol' war movie.

The 100 best movies of the decade (opens in new tab)
Now's the perfect time to catch up on our favourite movies of the past 10 years – all 100 of them.

The 25 best movies of 2019 (opens in new tab)
Missed out on a few cinema trips last year? Then these are the movies you missed out on. 

Best shows

The 15 best British shows (opens in new tab)
Want to escape to the pleasant pastures of England? Then do we have the list for you...

The 20 best box sets (opens in new tab)
There's never been a better time to make your way through a heap of episodes all in one go – so make sure you make your way through one of these box sets.

The 30 best sitcoms (opens in new tab)
The sitcom is the ultimate form of feel-good television. Here are the best of the best.

The 10 best shows to binge (opens in new tab)
Want to devour a show all in one sitting? These are the shows that are meant to be binged.

The 100 best shows of the decade (opens in new tab)
We're living through the age of Peak TV. So there's never been a better decade of television to catch up on.

The 25 best shows of 2019 (opens in new tab)
Last year was another stellar year for television. Now's the perfect time to catch up on what you missed.

Everything else!

All the movies and shows delayed by Coronavirus (opens in new tab)
A whole lot has been delayed due to the Coronavirus. Get the latest on all the delays here.

Every movie released early due to Coronavirus (opens in new tab)
Where some movies are being delayed, others are being brought to home release early. 

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