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PSA: Wandavision episode 7 has a post-credits scene – here's what happens

WandaVision episode 7
(Image credit: Marvel)

Did you watch WandaVision episode 7? Well, if not, why not – turn around now! But know that, this time around, there's a post-credits sequence to stick around for.

This is the first time WandaVision has featured a scene after the credits. Before the series arrived on Disney Plus, many fans were expecting post-credits to be a regular feature – as they are with the movies – but Marvel has held off until this moment.

So, what happens in the WandaVision episode 7 post-credits scene? That's a spoiler-filled riddle that we'll dive into after our obligatory spoiler warning...

WandaVision episode 7

(Image credit: Marvel)

Still here? Then you want to know all about what happens in the WandaVision post-credits scene. There's no cameo from any fabled aerospace engineer, Doctor Strange does not appear, and Dottie does not reveal herself to be Mephisto. Instead, we have Rambeau snooping around the house belonging to Agnes – revealed to be Agatha Harkness – and even discovering the creepy basement.

Then, having been missing all episode, Quicksilver speeds into view. "Snoopers gonna snoop," he says, with Rambeau quickly turning around, her eyes glowing blue with her new powers. The question now is: will Pietro, who has been manipulated by Agatha this entire time, work with the SWORD agent to save the day? Or is the speedster still under the control of the evil witch?

Unfortunately, there's no knowing until next week. In the meantime, be sure to check out our piece on that hidden Avengers cameo from within the episode.

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