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Upcoming SFX special editions: limited offer!

Until the end of this month only, save 10% on a subscription to our SFX Collections - which will include a zombie special edition!

Sometimes there just isn't room in SFX to go into the detail we'd like on a hot topic. So six times a year we produce special editions (the " SFX Collections") that focus on a single theme - in recent months we've covered anime, vampires, Doctor Who , Lost and more. Each issue comes in a pack with branded gifts, and delivers 132 pages of in-depth interviews and features.

And you can subscribe to them - which is a massive saving, especially since we'll be knocking an extra 10% off the price until the end of this month!

Hoorah! But you'll want to know what's coming up before you sign up, right? Fair enough - so here's the list of what you can expect in the rest of 2011.


Issue 50: The Complete Guide To Anime (available in May)

Issue 51: Top 100 Sci-Fi icons (available in July)

Issue 52: The Ultimate Guide To Zombies (available in September)

Until 31 March you can subscribe to the SFX Collections and save an extra 10% on our usual subscription rates. (Please note that SFX special 49, The Best Of British, is too soon to be included in this offer - it comes out in March.)

OFFER PRICES (includes extra 10% off)

UK - £7.75 by quarterly Direct Debit, or £30.99 a year
(fact: that's a total saving of 35% on the shop price!)

Europe - £36.99 a year

USA - £41.40 a year

Rest of World - £45.00 a year

SFX Specials

Visit the shop here to take advantage of this offer. Remember, you only have until the end of March 2011!

Join us. The specials are brilliant and right now it's a bargain.

SFX Specials