Ubisoft announces Imagine Rock Star

If you tried to imagine something, maybe it would be a master chef, figure skaters, or babyz. That was about the extent of Ubisoft’s demands of your imagination, until now. From here on they ask you to imagine a rock star, with Imagine Rock Star.

The sixth game in the Imagine series, which has sold a perplexing 3 million copies worldwide, Imagine Rock Star is Ubisoft’s attempt at a youth version of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which we hear are somewhat popular now. Rock Star is made for little girls, meaning you probably won’t be engaging in coke binges or pansexual three ways. Instead you will be playing either bass, guitar, drums or piano on your way to your dreams and a big time contract.

It can be played by yourself or with up to four players (who are hopefully the same age as you). Ubisoft didn’t name any specific songs that will be in the game, or if it would feature any licensed music at all. But more importantly, they do mention that you can dress your rock star up in many super cute outfits.

So get it in June of this year. We dare ya.

Mar 20, 2008