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Transformers: The Last Knight image reveals Megatron's new weaponry

In the final act of Transfomers: Age of Extinction Optimus Prime wielded a powerful Cybertronian sword - which he'll be using again in Transformers: The Last Knight - and now it looks like Megatron will also be fighting with some new weaponry next year. Director Michael Bay has taken to Twitter to reveal the villain's redesign, and the image shows Megatron with a wrist-mounted gun and an axe.

Check it out below...

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Megatron hasn't always been treated very well in the Transformers movies; While he was a great and terrifying villain in the first movie, the second and third instalments reduced him to little more than a lapdog. His rivalry with Optimus is one of the best things in the franchise, so here's hoping that relationship gets explored a little more in The Last Knight. 

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, and Peter Cullen, Transformers: The Last Knight will arrive in cinemas on June 23, 2017. 

Images: Paramount/Michael Bay 

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