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Lara's back: A Tomb Raider movie sequel is coming in March 2021

Tomb Raider movie sequel
(Image credit: MGM)

A Tomb Raider movie sequel is on the way. Arriving March 19, 2021, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander will reprise her role as Lara Croft. We also have word of a new director: Free Fire filmmaker Ben Wheatley will be behind the camera this time around, replacing the original's Roar Uthaug.

There's no news of any Tomb Raider movie sequel story tidbits to treasure just yet but Deadline (who broke the news) has revealed that Amy Jump, who co-wrote Free Fire and High-Rise with Wheatley, will also collaborate with him once more on the upcoming project.

The end of the original Tomb Raider saw Lara, having overcome the (second) death of her father and escaped the clutches of Trinity, return to London. She even picks up her trademark twin pistols before going off in search of another adventure. Enter: Tomb Raider 2.

Let's hope Vikander is ready to get some more bumps and bruises. The 2018 movie, as she revealed to GamesRadar at the time, saw her being thrown down an Olympic whitewater course. Without a life vest. Twenty-five times. Now, they do say sequels have to go big or go home...

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