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BioWare's looking at these Mass Effect: Andromeda fixes and improvements right now

Mass Effect: Andromeda has plenty of problems, ranging from run-of-the-mill glitches to wonky animations to a surprising lack of male/male romance options, but the developers aren't ready to jump ship. However you feel about the state of the game when it was released, the team seems to be committed to improving it. Just take a scroll down the Twitter replies of Mass Effect: Andromeda lead designer Ian S. Frazier, who seemingly hasn't slept since the game came out.

Speaking of which, Frazier's correspondence with concerned fans gives us a pretty good look at where the next set of Andromeda fixes and feature updates may lead. Take a look

Expanding the character creator

Improving iffy facial animations

Expanding male/male romance options

On good old banter bugs

On other game issues

That's a lengthy laundry list for the team. I wish them luck in getting through it all while still managing to sleep and/or eat every now and then. Until then, here's that big krogan softy Drack with something to cheer everyone up (early game spoilers).

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