Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance guide (updated for 1.08 patch)

UPDATE: The Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.08 patch adds a new Male Ryder romance option for Jaal.

Mass Effect: Andromeda romance lets you flirt with your crew mates and other characters, which could lead into a full-on relationship, if you play your cards right. Mass Effect: Andromeda has an updated conversation system that makes it easier to tell which dialogue options will get your prospective paramore on your side the most, but since only a few characters are open to your romantic advances, you could end up wasting your time if you pick the wrong partner. With this guide, we've outlined which Mass Effect: Andromeda characters are romanceable and which conversation options you'll need to pick to get your space-faring soulmate.

Characters you can romance as Male Ryder:

  • Avela
  • Cora Harper
  • Gil Brodie
  • Jaal (added via 1.08 patch)
  • Keri
  • Peebee
  • Reyes Vidal
  • Vetra Nyx

Characters you can romance as Female Ryder:

  • Jaal
  • Keri
  • Liam Kosta
  • Peebee
  • Reyes Vidal
  • Suvi Anwar
  • Vetra Nyx

General Mass Effect: Andromeda romance advice:

Further on we have specific pointers for how to romance each of the characters listed above, but if you keep the following advice in mind then you won't go far wrong:

  • Be wary of romancing multiple characters in a single playthrough, as some options will lock out others and certain characters want an exclusive relationship.
  • Talk to your chosen character as often as you can, ideally after every mission, and pick the flirt option represented by a heart whenever you can. You'll normally have to flirt with them at least three times before true romance can begin.
  • Fulfil any requests they ask of you, including their Loyalty Missions.
  • Read every email they send you.


Cora Harper

Male Ryder only. Exclusive relationship.

Early in the game you'll have three opportunities to flirt with Cora on the Tempest, who is usually found in the Bio Lab, so visit her as often as you can. Drop in another love hint after finishing Mission 3: A Trail Of Hope, then complete her Loyalty Mission and you'll be well on your way to romance. Check your email after Mission 4: Hunting The Archon and her Loyalty Mission are done, then head to Eos for the opportunity to kiss. Once you've completed Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, check your email then find Cora to culminate your relationship.


Male or Female Ryder. Special friendship with option for exclusivity.
(Male romance added via 1.08 patch)

Jaal is often found in the Tempest Tech Lab, so swing by at every opportunity for a chat. Once you've completed his Loyalty Mission and received his email, pay a visit to Havarl where you'll have the option to commit. A few more Tech Lab encounters will follow, and if you committed then a final action can take place after Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, by the waterfall on Aya.

Liam Costa

Female Ryder only. Special friendship with option for exclusivity.

Keep visiting the Tempest Storage Room to flirt with Liam, then help him finish his research project. After Mission 3: A Trail Of Hope, head back to the Storage Room where you should have the option for a kiss. Now complete his Loyalty Mission and receive his email, then head to Prodromos on Eos where you can commit. Researching the jet pack will unlock a final action in Prodromos.


Male or Female Ryder. Special friendship with option for exclusivity.

Peebee spends her time on the Tempest by the Escape Pods at the rear of the craft, so call in regularly to hint at a relationship - one of the dialogue options is literally "Flirting" so you'll know you're on the right track! Help with her secret project by finding tech on Voeld, then finish Mission 3: A Trail Of Hope and meet up with her on Aya. Speak again on the Tempest to make a choice about your relationship, then complete her Loyalty Mission which leads to the option to commit. If you committed, then head to the Pathfinder's quarters after Mission 5: Journey To Meridian to further advance your relationship.

Vetra Nyx

Male or Female Ryder. Exclusive relationship.

The Tempest's Armoury is Vetra's domain, so pop by for regular chats with her there. Find her on Aya after Mission 3: A Trail Of Hope, then get cracking with her Loyalty Mission. Once that and Mission 4: Hunting The Archon are done, you'll receive an email directing you to Kadara - here you will have the option to kiss, and commit to Vetra. After Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, reunite on the Tempest to conclude the relationship.


Gil Brodie

Male Ryder only. Special friendship with option for exclusivity.

Gil's home is in Engineering on the Tempest, so visit regularly and do the flirting thing. After Mission 4: Hunting The Archon, check your email them go to meet him in Prodromos on Eos. Here you can commit, then head back to the Tempest to culminate your romance.

Suvi Anwar

Female Ryder only. Exclusive relationship.

Suvi is hard to miss, as she's based on the Bridge and you see her with every mission. Keep up the flirting, then once Mission 4: Hunting The Archon is complete you should reach a scene with the option to commit. More of the romance plays out after Mission 5: Journey To Meridian after you receive her email, and the final act takes place in the Tech Lab on the Nexus.



Male Ryder only. Special friendship.

Once you arrive on Aya, find Avela at the Docks and get chatting. Work through her missions while visiting her in Aya's Museum, and you'll get plenty of flirt options along the way. After you complete Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, check your emails then find Avela by the Waterfall in Aya to seal your 'special friendship' with a kiss.


Male or Female Ryder. Can have a fling even if in an exclusive relationship.

As a journalist constantly chasing Ryder for a scoop, Keri is not a difficult person to track down. Keep checking your emails after missions, then meeting up with her and dropping some flirts into your interviews, and eventually you'll be able to have a fling even if you're committed to someone else - though this may have an adverse effect on that relationship.

Reyes Vidal

Male or Female Ryder. Special friendship with option for exclusivity.

At the start of Mission 4: Hunting The Archon, don't take Sloane Kelly's deal then meet with Reyes. Interrogate Vehn Terev, then find the corpse in Kadara Market to kick off a series of side missions. Keep flirting with Reyes while you work through these missions, and eventually you'll end up on a night out together where you have to chance to make your relationship exclusive.

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