Mass Effect: Andromeda Loyalty Missions guide

Following their mysterious absence from Mass Effect 3, loyalty missions have made a welcome return in Mass Effect: Andromeda, meaning that you can pull favours for your squad mates in order to form healthier relationships, including those that might lead to budding romances. There are six of these specific types of missions overall, one for each primary crew member, and all of them are worth doing if you want to make sure Ryder is respected by his/her team as Pathfinder. On top of that, they also make for some of the most entertaining missions that Andromeda has to offer, so you’d be missing out if you gave them a pass. The following guide provides details of each mission, and what you need to do in order to initiate them with the corresponding character.

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Liam Kosta

To initiate Liam’s loyalty mission, you'll need to have established an outpost on at least three different planets in the solar system. In other words, you need to have progressed significantly through the story before this mission opens up.

Talk to Liam at some point after A Better Beginning, and he’ll mention his desire to keep the Pathfinding cause prioritised above all else.

This will start the mission called Liam Kosta: Outpost Worlds, which will let you track your progress. Once this is completed, he will contact you about needing some help with something. 

Go and have a chat with him on the Tempest to initiate Liam Kosta: All In. Travel to the coordinates he gives you to start the core mission segment, which is a linear fight  through a cargo bay against a bunch of raiders. 

Once all this has been completed, the game will grant you Liam’s undying loyalty to your leadership.


After you’ve recruited Jaal, speak to him on the Tempest and ask him about someone named Thaldyr, which will initiate the first prerequisite mission titled Friend or Foe. This will require going to the planet Havarl to find Thaldyr, in a remote house not far from the Tempest landing zone.

Your discussion with Thaldyr prompts Jaal to set up a meeting with the moshae, but you’ll have to wait until you’ve progress about halfway through Hunting the Archon in the main story first. 

After talking to the Moshae in Aya, you’ll receive a distress call which takes you to Prodromos in Eos, whereby Mayor Bradley will ask you to investigate an Angaran signal. This will involve hopping around various points on the planet and killing several Angaran rebels before heading back to the Tempest where you’ll receive a message from a man named Akksul.

The mission will then be put on hold until you’ve completed most of Hunting The Archon as part of the story. From there, Jaal will contact you asking for help to rescue three of his friends from Akksul, which begins the main and final part of his loyalty mission, Flesh and Blood.

Head to Havarl to progress through and complete this mission, which will end with you winning over Jaal’s loyalty.

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