A lot of Mass Effect: Andromeda players are disappointed by its male/male romance options

Mass Effect: Andromeda has doubled down on the whole "interstellar romance thing", with potential partners for Ryder across both species and gender. But many players who were looking for male/male romance - an option that was first introduced to the series back in Mass Effect 3 - have been pretty disappointed by what they've found.

I'm not going to lay out a laundry list of who male and female Ryder can respectively date (mild spoiler warning in any case) or just how naked they can get with their preferred partners. Check our Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide for more detail there. Suffice it to say that while female Ryder gets a pretty even split of male and female romantic choices, including many of her squadmates - which naturally results in more interactions throughout the game - male Ryder's options are pretty lopsided in favor of women. Of the two men he can court, neither are actual companions and only one gets super serious.

It's resulted in some awkward situations

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As well as a few broken hearts

And a desperate plea

BioWare could always add more romantic options to Mass Effect: Andromeda via free updates or DLC, but weaving in a new romantic thread throughout the entire game would take a massive amount of work. Unfortunately, it looks like the damage may already be done.

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