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The Iron Fist cast talk comics, Star Wars, and Finn Jones punching himself in the face

The final member of the Defenders has arrived. All 13 episodes of Iron Fist are now streaming on Netflix and to get the behind the scenes scoop I caught up with fiery handed Danny Rand himself, Finn Jones, and martial arts pro Colleen Wing, Jessica Henwick. It turns out that Game of Thrones star Jones just isn't as kung fu cool as his superhero alter ego as he reveals that warming up one day ended up with his own fist interacting with his face. Smooth. 

In other worrying news, when asked about what would happen if Wing and Iron Fist were pit against the rest of the Defenders, Jones solution for protecting Henwick ended up in an interesting place. "You could bop 'em on the head with your sword and I could just fist 'em!" Interesting. Enjoy the video above and find out what the pair think of the Iron Fist reviews so far

Images: Netflix

Louise Blain
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