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The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse raid out now for Warlords of New York

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The second eight-player raid for The Division 2, Operation Iron Horse, is now available as a free update for all Warlords of New York owners.

Where the first raid focused on the Black Tusk, Operation Iron Horse is all about the True Sons faction. They've set up a weapons foundry to prepare for a full-scale attack on DC, and it's gonna take the combined efforts of you and seven friends to thwart their plans. The truly gung-ho can also take part in the world first raid race competition, and the winning team will be memorialized in the White House base of operations. 

You'll need to be level 40 and own Warlords of New York to participate in this raid, at least for now. A level 30 version which isn't tied to the Warlords DLC will be released on July 7, and a Discovery mode difficulty - designed to let players test the mechanics without getting killed in approximately two bullets - will be released in the future with matchmaking support. 

Operation Iron Horse comes on the heels of a string of updates for The Division 2, including a blanket buff to almost every weapon archetype. That ought to make Operation Iron Horse a bit more manageable. This month's updates also saw the introduction of new Exotics, gearsets, skills, and other goodies. Season 2 of Warlords of New York still has plenty in the works as well, with additional leagues, global events, high-value targets, and other activities planned for this summer. 

For players just jumping in for the first time, don't go it alone! Here are some essential The Division 2 tips for beginners, straight from the devs themselves. 

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