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Get a free emote in Star Wars Battlefront by signing up for the mailing list

Good news, credit savers: EA's handing out the "Salute" emote free to Star Wars Battlefront players who sign up for its mailing list - usually unlocking emotes costs space-bucks that you should probably be saving for more useful stuff. The salute is slightly jauntier than proper military decorum may call for, but it is perfect for busting out right after you pop somebody's noggin with a Cycler.

Make sure your EA Account is linked to your platform ID before you sign up. You could always just sign up long enough to get the emote then unsubscribe if you don't particularly want all the latest EA happenings in your inbox. EA plans to send out more substantial free stuff for Battlefront in the months ahead, including new maps and Star Cards.

It all starts with the Battle of Jakku DLC, which will open up to all players starting on Tuesday, December 8. The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will add plenty more, though you do have to pay extra for it.

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Connor Sheridan
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