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SCRIPTEASE #3 Ghost Whisperer

This week the Reduced SFX Company presents: How To Write An Episode Of Ghost Whisperer , Season Five

Season Five step-by-step writer’s guide


MEL is in her antiques shop, wearing something that normally any woman would only wear on date with GEORGE CLOONEY . She looks mildly puzzled. Enter best friend DELIA .

DELIA: There’s a new family in the old house by the graveyard. I know this because I am a realtor. Oh, and stop encouraging my son NED to be a ghost hunter. He’ll end up dead. MEL: I’m sorry DELIA, but he needs to be in on the action because all the middle-aged women who watch the show think he’s adorable.

ENTER NED , peering adorably from under his fringe.

NED: Hey, Mel. Hey, mom. DELIA: Have you finished your homework? NED: No, I’ve been snogging the daughter of that new family in the house by the graveyard. She’s hot, but kinda odd. MEL: In what way? NED: I think she’s haunted. DELIA: What makes you think that? NED: Because every girl I date is haunted.


MEL , wearing a different dress, approaches the house by the graveyard. She looks mildly puzzled.


MEL: What do you want? Why are you haunting this girl?
GHOST: Slush puppies!

GHOST vanishes. MEL looks mildly puzzled, changes into another dress, then knocks on the door of the house. A middle-aged woman opens it. She’s crying.

MEL: Is your daughter haunted? Has anyone close to you suffered a horrible, grisly death lately?
WOMAN: No. Go away you mawkish freak.
MEL: I talk to ghosts.
WOMAN: Oh, that’s okay then. Come in and have a cup of tea.

MEL looks mildly puzzled and enters the house


The living room of the HOUSE BY THE GRAVEYARD . ENTER MEL (looking puzzled) and WOMAN (crying).

MEL: Why are you crying?
WOMAN: I’m not. No, I’m really not. Because nothing so bizarre as my daughter’s boyfriend being accidentally killed by my husband’s secret gay lover in a vat of slush pu… er, cotton candy has happened to make me cry.
MEL: Oh okay. But if you do remember anything that might make you cry, here’s my card.

ENTER GHOST . Only MEL can see him. She looks slightly puzzled.

GHOST: Slush puppies, blue hands!
MEL: Blue hands? What do you mean?
GHOST: Oh come on. It’s far too early in the episode for me to start making any sense yet.


MEL is at home. She is in a new dress. Her son, AIDEN , is playing in the corner.

AIDEN: I see dead people.
MEL: Get your own act.
AIDEN: I see shiny dead people.
MEL: What? Gasp! Oh my God. You’re developing… an arc plot. There must be pills for that.

MEL ’s husband Jim arrives home. He avoids mirrors. MEL looks slightly puzzled.

[caption id="attachment_27142" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Note to writers: Jim should look like this now, but you can ignore all that…"] [/caption]

MEL: Why are you avoiding mirrors?
JIM: Because even though the writers seem to have forgotten all about it, last season I died and my spirit entered the body of another guy. So I don’t really look like this any more. And I’m not actually called Jim but Sam now. And you married me when I was Sam. But the middle-aged women in the audience think I’m a hunk, so they didn’t want to replace me permanently and the we just ignore all that now.
MEL: Oh. I’d forgotten that too. That probably explains the lack of wedding photos around the house. Good day at the hospital?
JIM: Yeah. You know what was really strange? A man came in suffering from chilblains.
MEL: What’s strange about that?
JIM: Because his hands were also stained… a BLUEBERRY colour!


GHOST: Wooooo-ooooooo! Blueberry slush puppies!

EXIT GHOST . MEL looks puzzled

MEL: Oh my God. She was lying about the candy floss. It was slush puppies! I must phone ELI !
JIM: Why?
MEL: Because the writers think massive infodumps are slightly less dull if they’re done on the phone.


ELI ’s office at the university. ELI is on the phone to MEL . He eats takeaway while he talks, because he’s quirky like that.

ELI: You think he killed him by drowning him in slush puppy? That’s not ice. Is he a cool customer? That’s some kind of puppy love. You know, I read something once about ice spirits. Apparently if someone is violently killed in a bizarre frozen beverage accident, their ghosts can be really chilling. Geddit? Chilling? Okay, I’ll shut up now.


MEL , having changed into a wedding dress, confronts the FATHER of the NEW FAMILY who’ve moved into the HOUSE BY THE GRAVEYARD

MEL: Did your gay lover accidentally kill your daughter’s boyfriend in a bizarre frozen beverage related accident?
FATHER: No. How dare you?! Don’t you know that at this point in the episode there has to be a really contrived twist?

ENTER GHOST . He is now GREEN . Mel looks slightly puzzled.

MEL: Can you fill us in on the plot now?
GHOST: Yeah sure. We’re five minutes from the end of the episode. Y’see the problem is I forgot I was colour blind. I thought I was killed in a vat of blue slush puppy, but in fact it was a vat of gooseberry slush puppy.
FATHER: And my gay lover is allergic to gooseberries.
GHOST: That’s right. I remember now, it was your wife who murdered me!
MEL: So now you’re reconciled with your girlfriend’s father, we can all cry a bit and you can walk into the light.

They all cry a bit and the GHOST walks into the light.


MEL is at home, now in one of Widow Twanky’s cast-offs, playing with AIDEN

AIDEN: I want a slush puppy.
MEL (tutting): I don’t think so dear. I’ve had enough of slush puppies for one day.
AIDEN: Okay. I won’t argue because I’m insufferably well behaved. But I will mention the shiny people again, just to make the end of the episode sound intriguing.

MEL looks slightly puzzled.