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Sasha Grey will Melt With You


We were already interested by upcoming indie drama I Melt With You given its intriguing leading trio of Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven and Thomas Jane, but our ears (that’s right, ears) have pricked up still further at the news that pornstar Sasha Grey will also be involved.

The film will follow ex-college buddies Lowe, Piven and Jane who, unhappy with the way their lives have turned out, decide to revive an old pact that The Hollywood Reporter describes as one “they vowed to live, die and kill by.”

Sounds suitably dramatic, but where does Grey fit in? Well apparently she’ll be playing a “free spirit” (for which read “nutjob”) named Raven who convinces one of the pals that the only way they can truly achieve happiness is through death. She sounds a cheery sort then…

It’s another move towards the mainstream for “adult performer” Grey, who raised eyebrows by bagging a big part in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience , in which she wasn’t half bad at all. If she keeps going like this, she could shake off the “former porn star” moniker in no time.

With a budget of a mere $1 million to play with, Pellington has assembled a genuinely striking cast for what he describes as, “a film is about four guys (dealing) with mortality, aging and friendship. It is very dark and very low budget.” Consider us thoroughly intrigued.

Looking forward to I Melt With You , or prefer Sasha’s earlier work? Let us know…

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