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Robin Williams is an Old Dog

There are some films that just sound bad even before we glimpse a frame of them. Take, for example Old Dogs. We’ve already reported that it’s John Travolta’s next collaboration with Wild Hogs helmer Walt Becker.

Which should be enough to warn anyone over the age of six away from it, but since Hogs has made more than $200 million worldwide, the pair are naturally ploughing ahead.

And now Travolta has convinced Robin Williams to jump aboard the buddy comedy, which finds two old mates living the high life before being burdened with 7-year-old twins.

Not only that, but the Trav is also committed to keeping things in the family – his daughter Ella is already signed up and wife Kelly Preston has just joined the cast.

It’ll start shooting later this year. We predict it’ll make nine hundred million squillion dollars. Or five pence, given the current exchange rate.