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Red Faction: Armageddon audio log locations guide

Chapter 3: Outbreak

Log 02 - Soon after the level begins, you’ll come upon a flame-filled tunnel to your right. The log is at the mouth of that tunnel.

Log 08 -After clearing the baddies from the large open room where you find the elevator, look for a human corpse on the left side of the room. The log is right next to it.

Chapter 4: Road to Bastion

Log 36 - As soon as the level begins, turn around to find an audio log behind this dude.

Log 11 - Near the first upgrade station you come upon, in the room with the excavator.

Log 25 - In the area where the two Monoliths sprout out of the ground, there is a building on your right. Once you clear out the enemies, hold the reload button to hop out of your Exo, then go grab the log.

Log 35 - As soon as you get off the gondola, turn right and head up the road. Next to the collapsed tunnel entrance you’ll find this log.

Chapter 5: Bastion Defenses

Log 27 - Soon after the level begins a cutscene will occur involving a bald dude. Ok maybe that’s not a distinguishing figure in this game, but you understand. Take out the creepers then look inside this tube.

Log 01 - Between finding the second and third power cell, you’ll come upon this tunnel with two machine guns at the entrance. You can find the log several yards to the right of this entrance.

Log 05 - This log is right next to one of the generators you have to repair.

Chapter 6: Water Supplies

Log 37 - As soon as the chapter begins, look inside this little hut on your right.

Log 19 - When you enter the large pumping station room, stay on the top level and move to the back.

Log 38 - At the monorail station (left of the upgrade station) you can see a log on the other side of the platform. A running leap will get you across.

Chapter 7: Ice Mines

Log 15 - This one’s found a few feet away from the upgrade station at the start of the level.

Log 16 - After the big showdown at the multi-level administration offices you’ll encounter some stairs and an alternate path to the right. Follow the latter to the audio log.

Log 17 - Just after the cutscene with the corporal, take the stairs that lead up and to the left. Follow this path until you see a small door on your left that leads to a room with a massive claw. On the lower level of this room you’ll find this log.

Chapter 8: Infection

Log 12 - Near the first infected building, under the big flat screen near the first upgrade station you come across.

Log 13 - If you are destroying the buildings in the suggested order, on your way to the third one you’ll see this small structure with a few plants inside. The audio log is just to the right of these plants.

Log 14 - If you are destroying the buildings in the suggested order, you will see a non-infected building next to the fourth infected one. Along the right side of that building you’ll find this log. Depending on how the battle just went, it may be covered in rubble.